Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Plows

There are a million things we love about the new area we live in except for one thing... the snow removal system. It snows like crazy here and yes, it is beautiful but it's a big pain.

We received a second notice in the mail from the Postal Service that they need a clear, full approach and exit to our mail box (meaning: get rid of the huge snow bank in the way). I completely understand.

The problem is that when the snow plow actually makes it to our cul de sac, they push the snow right in front of our house blocking the mailbox. It's not a little pile of snow, it's huge. I just spent 20 minutes with a shovel chipping away at the ice and it didn't make a dent. Grrrr.

While I appreciate when the snow plows decide to make a rare visit to us, I don't understand why it needs to be pushed directly in front of our mailbox. HeRoos and I could spend hours moving the snowbank only to have it replaced as soon it snows again.

Maybe, we'll take my mom's suggestion and put a temporary mailbox in a bucket filled with cement that can be moved around.


Jamie said...

I saw a news story last year about a family in Ogden with a similar problem. They got a small cooler and put a sign on it saying it was their mail box and stuck it in the pile of snow for the mailman - then when the pile grew bigger they could just move it.

Kristanne said...

Actually the mailman used to send out notices saying if you will just put a big 5 gallon bucket by the street where you mail box usually is they will put your mail in it. We did it when the snowplow actually was so helpful he got to close and knocked the mailbox down. They are really good to do that. Just put mail in marker on the front of it.

Melanie said...

Put a bunch of icemelt on that hard pile of snow and wait a few hours, it will be a hundred times easier to move the slushy remains.