Saturday, January 24, 2009

Idaho Weekend

HeRoos and I decided on Saturday that we wanted to leave for Idaho the next day. We are so glad that we did. We were able to visit our grandparents and enjoy the beautiful driving weather.

We stopped at the care center to visit my dear grandma Zenda. She was having a good day and was awake for the visit. She met BM for the very first time. The nurse told us that my grandma is the nicest Alzheimer patient she has ever met. This is not hard to believe. Even with her challenges, my sweet grandma always says, "thank you," and offers compliments.

The dialogue from this picture proves her sweetness and my husband's confidence.
As Grandma held HeRoos' hands, she said, "You're so cute."
HeRoos' response, "Yes I am."
BM and I laughed.

I always remember grandma giving "love squeezes" as she holds our hands. My mom does the same thing to us. Three squeezes means 'I love you.'

We headed to Idaho Falls to visit HeRoos' grandparents who welcomed us with open arms. BM absolutely loved being there. He was spoiled by Grandma Sharon who shared her toys and read stories to him. Grandpa called BM, "Captain."

He was happy to sleep in his bed on the floor made of blankets & pillows. He didn't even try to crawl out.

I learned a lot about Charlie & Sharon. Charlie wakes up every morning around 5:00 am and has a routine. He lines up small glasses and fills them with grape juice, apple juice, prune juice, and whatever other juice happens to be in the fridge. He goes down the line, drinking the shots of juice. He also exercises every morning on his stationary bike and does arm stretches.

He was a truck driver and drove 1.8 MILLION miles without an accident! He is the father of three sons.

Sharon raised 8 children and worked at various jobs. She and Charlie married after both of their spouses passed away. She is so sweet with her husband and knows just how to care for him.

As we were driving home, HeRoos said, "Just because my grandpa is stuck in his ways and my dad is getting stuck in his ways, doesn't mean I will be when I get old." Yea right! Three generations of Roos'.

They have plenty of food storage. We just hope it's still good. Look closely at the label. :)

Before we left Monday, we stopped by the Falls and went to breakfast at Denny's.

On our way home, we stopped by grave sites and the homes where our mothers grew up. It was fun sharing memories of our grandparents and reminiscing. I felt a surge of love and appreciation for HeRoos' and my relatives. I feel truly blessed to be related to such amazing people.


TR said...

I have enjoyed reading your comments and looking at the pictures. Trust me, when the men get older they act alike. Just don't let them get away with it all the time. TR

Kristanne said...

I have relatives from Idaho as well. Isn't it fun to visit with grandparents. My kids love their great grandma Bea. She is in Beaver and they love seeing her - she is so loving and kind. It is so nice they get to know her. Mine passed away when I was young, or before I was born. SO my kids are really blessed. Family is so wonderful!!

Melissa said...

That looks like a great trip. I loved your rotating baby so much that I put it on mine too. It's cute. Congratulations! Mac just barely told me, after running into your husband at the store . . . getting me ice cream.

Grandma Beaner said...

I love the photos you choose to put on your blog. These made me cry. Thanks for sharing. You're so tender. Your heart is always in the right place.