Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biggest Loser

This is the one show that HeRoos and I watch on a regular basis. We even record it if we're not home. We love it! We're watching it now and I just have to say...Vicki is NOT very nice. Even Bob clued in. It's interesting how we really want to see these people succeed and reach their goals. The sad part is when HeRoos and I watch it, we usually have either a bowl of popcorn or ice cream in our hands. Does anyone else find the product placement a little annoying?

Father Like Son

Our ward Halloween party was tonight. Can you tell what BM is? I sent pictures to HeRoos at work and he had no idea.

Look at the little stinker go for it!

HeRoos said this is the only time his son is allowed to wear tights.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheap Labor

My mom, who I think may possibly be one of the nicest people alive, offered her services to help us settle into our new home. My dad has been out of town on business so my mom spent a few days with us. She offered to paint AND clean out the garage.

The only requests she had was for her eye brows to be plucked and the fridge stocked with Diet Coke. What a deal!

She has rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and she is older than I am and has twice the energy. She really is Grandma Go-Go. Maybe, her secret is Diet Coke?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Southern Utah University

OK, all you T-birds out there, it's time to put your blog link on the SUU alumni blog http://suualumni.blogspot.com/. Just leave a comment and they'll put you on the Alumni Friends list. Pass the word along.

Grandma's Diaper

While visiting my parents for dinner today, BM made a very special present for Grandma Go-Go to unwrap. It was smelly and messy-his best work. Unfortunately, BM's parents didn't pack enough diapers (boo for them, this isn't the first time, boo again). Grandma got creative and made a homemade diaper and used scotch tape to seal it shut.

It seemed to be just fine with exception to the *"Melvin." That is until we arrived home and took BM out of his car seat. Ooops! Looks like mom and dad need to put extra diapers in the car and at the grandparents, just in case the diaper bag runs short.

* Melvin
Noun. When ones trousers become caught up between ones buttocks

Saturday, October 18, 2008


There are a million things on our "To Do" list. Since it's Saturday and I can take advantage of HeRoos' man strength, I asked him to move something. He looked up at me and said, "You're not going to boss me around all day are you?" I laughed and responded with a, "Yes." I'm in the zone and this is what needs to be done... We need to clean out the garage so our cars can fit. There is NO excuse this time-we have an extra garage to store junk in.

Get rid of that scary gold hardware. We are sanding and painting them silver. I'm still not sure what I think. We want to change the paint ALL over the house. It is BOLD and scary (and I prefer neutral colors). Yes, I know I'm boring.

The stairs HeRoos and BM fell down. Any suggestions for what we should do with the cut out in the wall and where to hang pictures? I actually don't mind this wall.
Put together work out equipment-this room is in the basement.
Why does the really great bathroom have to be downstairs? Maybe, I can workout and then shower in here and pretend I'm at a fitness club.
Paint the guest room so when you visit, you won't dream of butterflies.
I'm fine with the kitchen. I love this little cubby in the kitchen.
Eventually we need to sand and reseal the hardwood floors and paint our kitchen table (it's looking pretty bad after HeRoos used it as a work table when he was tiling).
BM's room. I love the mural on the wall.
We have a lot of yard work ahead of us but that's the part I'm looking forward to in the Spring.
We love the privacy of our backyard. There is a canal separating us from that house in the distance. Although, they could probably see us if we decided to streak through the house at night with the lights on.

We've ordered couches for this room (which is a story all on it's own-I love being right). Any suggestions on paint color or decorations?

Our BIG project today is to take down the blinds from all over the house and scrub them clean. They are disgusting. I also want to plant bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus are some of my favorite flowers. We also need to start taping and painting. Almost every room in the house needs a fresh coat of paint.

This may surprise you- I don't like home projects. I despise painting and sanding sends chills up my spine. I love being in a home that is spic and span and ready to be lived in. So why did we buy a home that needs some work? Well, we LOVE the area. It's wonderful being surrounded by mountains. So far, the people in the community have been everything we've been praying for, and the house has a lot of potential. We can really see ourselves raising our family here. Even with all the work ahead of us, I am one happy and grateful lady right now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Suckers...

I've had great intentions of updating our blog but I get online and have to read every one's blogs and then check my facebook account (which I'm new at). By that time, I'm sick of being on the computer and the blog doesn't get updated.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


BM has had many firsts these last few weeks. First cab ride (annoying crazy driver), first boat ride (very wet), first New York City subway ride (very very dirty), and many more mostly pleasant firsts. But today he had some not so fun firsts. Today was his first trip to the emergency room visit, his first x-rays, his first bloody nose, and his first broken nose. I was walking down the stairs with BM in one arm while talking to SheRoos with my cell phone when I slipped and my feet fell out from under me. BM slipped out of my hands and we both went tumbling down the stairs with BM taking a nasty hit at the bottom. BM will be ok and thank goodness the x-rays came out negative for any fractures. Before becoming a first time parent I didn’t truly realized how much I would love my child and how much terror I would have at the thought of him being seriously hurt. The doctor said he will swell up in and around his nose the next few days but should be fine.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing Parts

We have been unpacking like crazy and there are times that I just have to leave the house to get away from the madness. It can get overwhelming.

My brother helped us disassemble our kitchen table and work out equipment. He asked if he could tape the screws and bolts (which were in baggies) to the bottom of things. HeRoos suggested that we label all those little baggies and put them in one large bag. We've run into a problem...the large bag is nowhere to be found.

If you visit us in a month, don't be surprised if our kitchen table and other furniture is still in pieces. We also found that our bedroom is shaped differently than our previous one and our long dressers don't fit. We're on the search for two tall, black dressers (for cheap). Oh, the joys of moving.

We attended our cul-de-sac barbecue last night and had a good time. All of the neighbors came and they were so nice. Everyone brought their own meat and side dishes to share. I experimented with a Pumpkin Dip and the old Apple Brickle standby. People seemed to like them or at least they faked it well. We were enjoying the cool fall weather and company until BM decided he was ready for dinner and bed.

I'm looking out the window now at the mountains surrounding us. The leaves are changing colors and the birds are flying around trying to discover any goodies that the rain washed up. We are happy to be in our new home and we love the feel of this area.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Move Out, Move In

Well friends, things have been CRAZY (the good kind of crazy). We put our home on the market and within a month, we had two offers. If you want need a fabulous real estate agent, let us know. The people buying our home needed to move in September 30th. This was great except for one thing- we had a ten day vacation planned for September 18-28th. We had found out the news and had three days to pack our luggage and entire house before we left. We flew home Sunday night and moved out Monday.

The really great news is this...
Before we got the last offer on our West Jordan house, we met our agent in South Weber on a Friday night and looked at four homes, just in case. There were two great homes in the same circle for sale. One was vacant. Now it's occupied by the Roos'! We were able to move our things directly into the new home. We are thrilled to be here. The neighbors already arranged a barbecue so we can meet everyone in the circle. Those of you who know me well, know how happy I am about this. HeRoos and I are really hoping that we can have a "neighborhood family" here. We've prayed long and hard for a place that we can raise our family and create positive memories.

We've had requests for pictures, so as soon as everything is unpacked and I can find my camera cord (and my make-up), I'll post a few. Also, we need to post about our East Coast trip. It was amazing!