Thursday, January 1, 2009

McDermott Christmas Party

I have great memories of visiting my Grandpa and Grandma McDermott for Christmas. All of our cousins and aunts and uncles would drive from far away to make it to the little town of Clifton, Idaho. We exchanged gifts, ate food, laughed, and even went on real sleigh rides. Grandpa passed away and Grandma isn't herself anymore but the McDermotts still love and support each other.

This year, I thought it would be fun to start having an annual McDermott Christmas party. With the crazy weather and busy schedules not a lot of relatives were able to show up but those who were there partied it up McDermott style.

I originally had paper plates and cups but with such an intimate crowd, we all gathered around the table and ate on real plates and used silverware instead of plastic. My mom and dad made a delicious turkey dinner and people brought dishes to share. Mmmm mmm

We moved the party to the refrigerated basement and warmed up with blankets and laughter. My nephew, Peanut, was in heaven with all the attention.

I love this picture because look closely in the background. Father like son. My dad loves his grand kids and my brother loves his kids.

We had a gift exchange and if you've ever played with the McDermotts, they show NO mercy. We could "steal" a gift twice and then it was home safe. It was quite entertaining. I'm afraid my mom will need to start singing church hymns to keep her thoughts clean after scoring a Studs & Spurs Calendar. How did they get a picture of my husband in there? ;)

This singing frog originally came from an aunt in Washington but is making his way around the family.

Who's game to have the party at your house next year?


nymanzanita said...

What a fun family tradition to keep up. That is something that I wish my family would start to do. The gift exchange looked fun...I wonder where your mom will hang her calender. Ha!

nymanzanita said...
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The Idahoans said...

I am sorry we weren't able to come! The picture at Grandma and Grandpas brought back sweet memories! I love the picture of BM too! Happy New Year!

Tristie hearts Dax said...

so bummed we didn't make it! i really wanted to come. I am TOTALLY game to have the party at my HOUSE! I still can't believe I'm getting a real live house! I doubt people will come all the way here, though. Maybe we could rent a church?

Hayley said...

ok. its official. i stalk your blog - i hope i don't seem crazy. i just love catching up on your life! you seem so happy & i'm thrilled for you!

Mel said...

Sorry, I'm blog stalking you. Hope you don't mind. I found your blog off of Hayley's. Your little one is so adorable!!