Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Poop Pact

BM's blog name "B.M." seems to be a self fulfilling prophecy. He has messy, stinky, regular bowel movements. Regardless of the brand of diaper, he seems to have at least one blow out a day that requires an emergency strip down and bath.

HeRoos and BM have some kind of agreement- I call it the "Poop Pact." BM seems to conveniently have these blow outs when his dad is not home. Let's take today for example. HeRoos worked from home so he was around all day and then we ran errands together this evening. Nothing too messy from BM. That is until HeRoos dropped us off at home to run a couple more errands.

PPPPeeeee EEEEEEEEEwwww BM let loose right before bed and guess who was left to clean him up- not his dad! I was tempted to keep him up past his bedtime, sitting in his stinky diaper until HeRoos arrived home but then my conscience kicked in.

I can't stay upset for too long, just check out how innocent they look (these photos are from the vacation we took in September)...

Maid of the Mist (Niagara Falls)

(Palmyra, New York) LDS temple grounds

Duck Tour (Boston, MA)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Pictures by HeRoos

A couple of months ago SheRoos and I were out shopping and we noticed a Sadie’s Photography near by. We (meaning SheRoos) realized that at 6 months of age, BM had never had any nice, professional, pictures taken. We went inside to take a look and ask some questions about what they offer. I pretty much ignored what they said and just looked at the price sheet, to which I again asked SheRoos why babies need professional pictures taken.

I understand it is a mommy thing, but in the end I will admit I had a lot of fun seeing the (my) cutest baby boy in the world get his picture taken. If was fun to see what cute poses you could get him to hold for 5 seconds (an eternity in baby time), and what props you could get him to play with (although in the end I felt like he was just as much a prop for his parents as anything else).

After all was said and done, and we were looking through the pictures taken to decide which ones to purchase, we were happy with them, but next time I think we will stick with Amanda Laing. Sadie’s on the other hand must have been very happy how they turned out because they made BM in to a super star baby model and put him front and (left of) center in their promotional fliers sent out in the mail. I am still waiting for my check in the mail that will to go towards a new big screen LCD TV I’ve had my eye on (oh…sorry…I mean it will go towards BM’s college tuition of course).

Sunday, November 9, 2008


There is something about making the bed with my hubby that I thoroughly enjoy. It's probably a one sided pleasure but it seems like we're united in a cause.


As we were rotating the mattress today and putting on clean sheets our conversation went something like this...

SheRoos: Do you remember when we were dating and I was appalled that you only washed your sheets once every six months?

HeRoos: Yea, and I was exaggerating. It's was more like once every two years. I just didn't want to gross you out.

SheRoos: EEeeewww

Disclaimer: Besides this one disgusting bachelor quality, he is extremely hygienically sound and washes thoroughly and regularly. :)

As we continued putting the pillows in the cases (which HeRoos despises) he said: I don't think a bed needs to be made if you're going to sleep in it within 24 hours.

Inspiring Blog

I can't control the tears. See why. I want a few minutes to just cry and pray for this remarkable family. Then I want to move forward and be a better mom, wife, person. I love being inspired.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Utes!

HeRoos has been 'under the weather' lately. Whatever he has will go away for a couple days and then come back. I don't like my man to be sick. He is a much better nurse/doctor than I am.

Even with him being sick, we couldn't pass up our chance to cheer on the Utes against TCU. HeRoos' brother gave us tickets and his sister babysat BM. We hiked up the insanely steep hill, froze our buns off, and endured annoying fans but the last three minutes of the game made it all worth it.

Can you tell that most of the fans are wearing black? I'm still not quite sure why- maybe black out symbolizing the game not being televised on local channels, a way to sell more paraphernalia, or a threatening statement. Regardless of the reason, it was an awesome sight and the football players looked great in their black and red uniforms.

(NO, HeRoos is not copping a feel. His hands were numb and I was wearing many layers)
Instead, notice the fans rushing the field after the game. The energy in the stadium was undeniable.

Check out the score board behind HeRoos and Grandpa V. Way to go Utes!

Random Acts of Kindness

This article reminded me of when we were in New York and took this picture.

Attack of the Fruit Flies

Our house is hosting a fruit fly convention and I want the party to end pronto! I called my mom and asked her how to get rid of them. Her response was simple, "Throw away your fruit." I followed her advice and they're still around. I even rolled up a magazine and had a killing frenzy (with not too much guilt). For every fly I swatted, five more emerged. I found a few dead in a swimming pool of orange juice. I can't even leave spoons out while cooking. They make my skin crawl. Help!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today...

I can't help but sing that song today, and mean it. I feel so happy. I feel so grateful. There are so many things that I have to be joyful about.

* I am living my dream of being a wife and mother. I adore my husband and everyday I thank God above for saving him for me. I joke that HeRoos' shyness put him just under the single-woman-radar but really I think he had a shield that could be broken only by me. I know, I know, I've always been a romantic but I can't help it if I am head over heals for my husband.

* If I could have any job in the world, I would want to be a stay at home mom. It's happening and I am so grateful. I'm afraid BM may develop callouses from all the kisses but he is so irresistible and I just can't stop. I am loving every minute of the stage he's in now. He's happy, healthy, alert and he's not mobile yet. I can still get things done.

* I am happy that we have elected a new president, Barack Obama, to lead our country. I am inspired by his determination, strength, and heart. I am overjoyed that Americans are looking past skin color barriers and at the heart. John McCain also impressed me with his concession speech last night. I'm sure his pride is bruised but he is fully supportive of Obama as President. I pray that Obama will bring about positive change. I also pray that he will allow God to guide him in all the decisions he makes. God bless America!

With all of these things that I have to celebrate, please don't think I have a perfect life. Quite contrary. BUT I do have so much to thank the Lord above for. A broken dishwasher, car in need of repair, and a few extra pounds aren't enough to stop me from letting the sunshine in!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Eye

I have designated myself to be the Neighborhood Watch Eye. I even pulled out the binoculars. No people, it's not to snoop on my neighbors. Rumor has it that there was a mountain lion spotted on the mountain near our home. Scary! As I was on watch today, I spotted three deer. Maybe, they'll take it for the team (do they consider me on the same team since I've never hunted before???).

Dumb Question

Yes, there is such a thing as a dumb question. For example...

SheRoos: Hey, babe-a-licious, (yes, that is what I call my hubby, because it's true) do you know where the camera is?

HeRoos: Where did you have it last?