Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About HeRoos

I knew HeRoos wouldn't write them himself so I took the liberty of doing it for him. He did have veto power & I only had to change one thing. You'll never know. ;)

25 Random Things about My Husband
1) He always puts the toilet seat & lid down after use
2) He prefers using plastic cups to drink milk & glass to drink water
3) He reads the news constantly & gets updates on his phone.
4) He knows more celebrity gossip than his wife.
5) He has worked for the same company for almost nine years.
6) He wakes up without an alarm
7) He never complains about going to work
8) He grew up in the same house that his parents live in now.
9) He washes, slices, & eats strawberries by the carton.
10) His favorite ice cream is burnt almond fudge.
11) When he is really concentrating, he moves his lips to one side.
12) When he was younger, he had really long hair. Rebel!
13) When he was in junior high, he took the city bus to computer classes his mom signed him up for.
14) He’s a computer software engineer (those classes paid off)
15) He is very responsible with money
16) He is generous to those in need.
17) He is a natural care giver
18) He serves his family in small & big ways every day
19) He went to the same hair stylist for seven years (and no she wasn’t young with big ..)
20) He does anonymous acts of service
21) He doesn’t like attention
22) He is shy around people he doesn’t know well
23) He can easily find places. He has a built in GPS.
24) He despises doing laundry.
25) For enjoyment, he studies the Old & New Testament.

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Tristie hearts Dax said...

i love these facts that i'd never find out otherwise. you did a good job, wife. and

CONGRATS on your new little arrival! SO exciting. Best of luck and hope you are feeling well! YAY!