Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy birthday

Just a few great things I love and appreciate about SheRoos:

1. You're HOT.
2. You go out of your way to say nice things about others.
3. You encourage me to do nice things for others.
4. You encourage me in my calling.
5. You do all the laundry which I hate doing and there is a lot for just a family of 3.
6. You cook wonderful meals for me and the family.
7. You love your son.
8. You love me.
9. You sacrificed your career for our children and family.
10. You work hard at your calling and are a wonderful role model for the young women.
11. You feel empathy for others pain.
12. You put up with me.
13. You are my best friend.
14. Your smile.
15. Your red hair.
16. Your laugh.
17. You laugh at my stupid jokes.
18. Your singing (ok not really).
19. Your desire to serve others.
20. How you make me want to be a better person, husband, and father.

I love you honey, and you have made me more happy these last few years than I ever thought I could be! Happy birthday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why I Should Exercise! by HeRoos

By HeRoos.

There are several reasons I should be exercise. Just a few are

1. My doctor called me fat.
2. I would like to run and not grow weary, walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:30-31).
3. I would like to see my kids graduate from kindergarten.
4. I spent a lot of money on exercise equipment.

But this morning I found a new reason to go to our exercise room more then once a month: I may catch water pouring in from the window BEFORE our basement floods.

I found this around 9:30 AM this morning. This is after I had used a bucket to bail out the foot of water in the window well.

And this is what it looked like a couple of hours later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

HeRoos and I finally used a gift card that was given to us for a wedding gift to the Anniversary Inn. Thanks Mounu & Heather!

My parents babysat MB and he also had a fabulous weekend. He loves his crazy Grandma Reta and his Grandpa Bob and will choose them over his own parents when in the same room. As you can tell, they put him to work- yard work & getting whatever he wanted!

They said he acted a little surprised Saturday morning when they got him out of his crib. He was in his own home but his grandparents were in mommy and daddy's bed. This was the first time we were away from MB over night and it was comforting knowing that he was being well taken care of. Thank you Ma & Pa! We really appreciate it!

Our first stop was to Gossner Food We bought some squeaky cheese and little box cartons of whole milk for MB that don't need to be refrigerated (how great is that for the diaper bag). Squeaky cheese reminds me of my Grandma Halverson. She used to keep squeaky cheese and Pepperidge Farm cookies around for us.

The Anniversary Inn was adorable and our room was very spacious. HeRoos gave me a history lesson about our room, Nefertiti's Court. I either missed the history class or was day dreaming.

Our palates were deeply satisfied after a DELICIOUS dinner at Tandoori Oven. We decided to walk around the Logan LDS Temple to burn off a few calories.

We enjoyed breakfast in bed. It's a treat when you know you're not the one that has to wash the crumbs out of the bed.

Then we were off to a perfect day of hiking. The weather was just right. Slow and steady got us to the top. We climbed 900 feet in 1.3 miles. It was quite steep but it felt good to breathe in fresh air and get a little sunshine. We discussed the possibilities of me giving birth on the mountain and I decided the little girl would receive the name Logan. :) Fortunately, that didn't happen although I'm liking that name for a girl.

A bright light appeared and we were almost abducted by aliens.

We enjoyed some more squeaky cheese and crackers while hanging out in the wind cave.

It was so fun spending time with HeRoos. Surprisingly, the majority of our conversations weren't even about MB. Being with HeRoos just confirms to me that prayers are answered and it's all about timing-the right person will come along at the right time if you're making the right choices in life. Right? Right. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Consignment Sale

I'm awake at 4:50 AM and can't seem to go back to sleep. MB's nursery rhyme music is on repeat in my brain and turned up full blast. I'm still replaying yesterday's events and I'm as happy as can be about the great deals I got at a consignment sale. I LOVE saving money. HeRoos and I have been budgeting this in for a while so there was no guilt associated with my large purchase.

My sister-in-law, M, invited me to this event in Sandy at the Hilltop Methodist Church. It's held twice a year, fall & spring. We volunteered yesterday for a three hour shift which included sorting clothes and carrying toys up and down the stairs. I actually had so much fun doing it and the people were great who we worked with. In exchange for time spent volunteering, we received a ticket for entrance into the pre-sale last night.

After our shift, M and I spent 2 hours waiting in the freezing cold line. I don't ever remember being the first in a line, especially to shop. It was worth it, check out my great deals!

Crib & dresser (We're picking them up tomorrow morning)
changing pad
crib mattress
Moses basket
cover for car seat
5 Baby Einstein DVD's
1 CD
toy lawn mower
push cart
stacking pails
interactive wooden toy (MB will enjoy this)
shelf with three baskets
burp cloths
soft books
1 pair girl shoes
2 big trucks
plastic dishes
plastic grocery toys
toy race track
4 hats
quite a few outfits for MB
TONS & TONS & TONS of baby girl clothes (although, I have no idea if she'll fit in them. I may have got the size wrong for the season) :(

For a total of 159 items. The pictures don't do justice. Most of them are in mint condition. The most expensive item was the crib for $80 and the least expensive was $.75. The majority of the cost was on clothing. Can you guess how much I paid for all of this stuff? If you can guess within $2.00, maybe you'll get a surprise in the mail.

If you're interested in gently used toys and children clothing, I highly recommend checking it out this weekend. The quality and prices surpass even Kid to Kid or D.I..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Update

There are two good reasons for being behind on the blog:

1) Misplaced Camera
2) Wonderful spring weather

MB is doing great. He recovered from whatever it was that was wrong and is keeping us busy. I love it when he's happy. We have been taking advantage of the sunshine and enjoying our time at parks and our yard. I've even been able to pull some weeds.

I'm looking very pregnant and feeling not so cute with a big midsection. I can't complain-this pregnancy has been great. If I knew all my pregnancies would be like this, maybe HeRoos would get the 20 kids he wants. ;)

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and I didn't want it to end. It was the annual Roos Easter egg hunt. MB played in the sandbox while HeRoos and I retrieved all 36 green eggs (actually only 35- we couldn't find one). I love their family tradition.

HeRoos and I enjoyed a long awaited date night on Saturday while Grandma T babysat Max. We went to the Jazz game and had first class treatment. We had a prime rib dinner/buffet and seats three rows up from the court. Too bad Golden State creamed the Jazz but it was still a blast. Isn't the Jazz Bear the coolest mascot ever? He gets away with just about anything.

Today is HeRoos' and my 2 year anniversary. Wow, time flies! Who says you can't make two babies in two years, recover from a serious accident, have a major career change(from working to a stay at home mom), move to a new home and still be in love? I wouldn't trade my life (even if it included a personal chef, housekeeper, and gardener). On second thought, can I have that too? JK

Life is good and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband & family. Happy Anniversary HeRoos, you rock my world!