Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lost & Found

As I was walking to the mailbox on Wednesday, three young girls asked me if this dog was mine. My first thought was, 'No way, who would own a pit bull (I'm assuming that's the breed).' The dog looked at me, walked over and in an instant my heart turned to mush. She was the absolute sweetest thing. She didn't have any ID tags so the girls walked around the neighborhood trying to find the owner. I told them that if they couldn't find the owner, they could bring the dog to my house and I would make some phone calls.

HeRoos was working from home that day so he was in the "zone" (which means do not disturb him while he's typing) but I couldn't help myself. I turned into my thirteen year-old self and started begging him to keep the dog. My kind husband turned into someone else... a very, very strict father/husband who could not be persuaded at any cost.

The doorbell rang and the girls reported that they were unsuccessful. I called some people in the area with no luck and then called animal services. Animal services reassured us that dogs are usually claimed within 72 hours so we (the girls and I) decided the dog would be okay. As we were waiting for them to arrive, a white truck pulled up and a guy claimed the dog. He said he wasn't sure how she kept getting out. He made it just in time. I quickly called Animal Services back and told them the lost dog was found.

Will HeRoos ever give in about getting a dog? Growing up, I was able to use persuasion with my own dad to get a dog, chicken, duck, hamsters, parakeets, fish and hermit crabs. I'm afraid I've lost my gift. Maybe it will take a daughter to soften HeRoos' heart.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Photos

We had BM's picture taken at a photography shop specializing in babies (not mentioning the name on purpose). We paid way too much for pictures that we didn't even like and felt obligated to sign up for a "special package."

Later that evening, while we were at the Box Elder Fair, I was drawn into a booth that was covered in adorable pictures. I talked to the photographer, Amanda Laing, and got her card. I was blown away with her quality work and affordable prices.

Early Saturday morning, the entire Halhouse and UnderRoos gang met at the Ogden Union Station for a photo shoot. We had a blast! The kids cooperated at various times but I love how Amanda captured it all. I am so happy that we found someone who not only has a gift for photography but also makes her prices affordable. I love her, love her, love her!

You're getting a sneak peak at possible Christmas cards.
Check out her blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life is Good

A Million, Billion Things to Be Thankful For...

1)good health
2)the gospel of Jesus Christ
3)strong hands
5)the Internet
7)a wonderful husband
8)a precious baby
9)nail polish
10)comfy bedding
11)an overcast day
12) washer & dryer
13)BM's swing that he naps in
15)ice cream
16)edema me
17)long walks
18)new, crisp jeans
19)quality drooling naps
20) heart to heart talks
22)friendly people
23)kind cashiers
24)courteous drivers
25)baby's curious hands
26)baby's kissable cheeks
28)green grass
29)swimming pools, especially at night
30) pens that glide along the page
31)good books
32)yoga pants
33)sports bras
35)visiting teachers
36)home teachers
39)good health!
48)soft sheets
49)Bath and Body lip gloss
52)restful nights
53)watching a storm from afar
55)oatmeal chocolate chips (especially when HeRoos makes them)
56)homemade bread
57)homemade jam
58)homemade ice cream
59)homemade anything!
60)supportive parents
61)kind in-laws
62)the best sister-in-law ever
63)personal letters in the mails
64)surprise discounts when at the register
66)clean cars
68)comfortable & cute shoes (i don't own any but I know they're out there)

to be continued....

How about you????

Sunday, September 7, 2008

False Representation

When HeRoos and I were dating he told me that he wasn't a big sport's fan. This was refreshing news (some of my previous boyfriends and guy friends were big into sports).

Then something happened... last season HeRoos started watching football. Not just casually watching it when it was on but looking forward to it. "What???! I thought you didn't like football?" His response, "I didn't. Now I do. There is something about getting married and having the sudden urge to watch football" I thought only women had the right to change their minds.

I was informed today that there are only 21 weeks left. At least now I can take an extra long Sunday nap without any interruptions. I'm sure BM & HeRoos will have plenty of time for male bonding and when I get the 'sudden urge' to see men in tights, maybe I'll join them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Replanting our Roots

It seems that since HeRoos and I met, our lives have been full of adventure and change. Well, we're embarking on another. Our home is for sale. We've been dragging our feet about it for quite a while now. We love the house. I think it has such a happy and open feeling. Our neighbors all around us are nice. They helped lay sod, delivered freshly baked bread & garden fresh vegetables, and have invited us over for a fiesta. We also enjoy having the park right across the street. It's so relaxing to sit on the porch and watch people fly kites or sled down the hill.

You're probably wondering why... We both have family that live further north (Layton, Syracuse, & Roy) and we would really like to live closer to them. HeRoos and I are also excited to buy a home together. HeRoos had the house built long before we met and this straight guy did a fabulous job picking out colors and not skimping out when it came the "extras." He also invested a lot of his own sweat and time into our home(granite tile counter tops, sprinklers, drip line, sod, landscaping, bathroom, etc). He never seems to amaze me with his brains and perfectionism. We've created some wonderful memories in this home but we're ready to plant our roots somewhere else. Send your positive vibes this way as we try to sell our home and relocate.