Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cross Country Skiing

We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon cross country skiing at North Fork (near Powder Mountain).

We went with our friends, "J," "T," and "L." Notice how "L" liked to lean to the far left.

BM sporting his shades. His mitts wouldn't allow him to pull them off like he normally would do. I think he eventually realized how stylin' he looked.

Father Like Son. I couldn't resist snapping pictures of them..

I see a silhouette

Milk Break

"J" made a snow seat.

BM eventually fell asleep and kept snoring in his daddy's ear.

Notice the skis in hand (not on feet). We went up a little high and had a hard time coming back down without falling. The babies threw their dad's balance off and they vocalized their displeasure when they fell to the ground. "J" made it down like a pro. Me on the other hand, I had no excuse. I'm just not very coordinated, especially on skis.

BM was pink cheeked and happy after our day in the fresh air. We can't wait to go again soon!


Kristanne said...

You son is so cute. You are adventuresome to take him with you. When the kids were younger Shawn would always carry the kids in his back packer when we went hiking or back packing. I was always glad it was him and not me!!

Grandma Beaner said...

Cutest snow photos I've ever seen. Looks like a fabulous way to spend a winter day.