Friday, January 30, 2009

If you were wondering

what happened to BM's hair...

Three words: VERY. Bad. Idea.

I learned my lesson. Next time, I'm taking him to a professional.

25 Random Things About HeRoos

I knew HeRoos wouldn't write them himself so I took the liberty of doing it for him. He did have veto power & I only had to change one thing. You'll never know. ;)

25 Random Things about My Husband
1) He always puts the toilet seat & lid down after use
2) He prefers using plastic cups to drink milk & glass to drink water
3) He reads the news constantly & gets updates on his phone.
4) He knows more celebrity gossip than his wife.
5) He has worked for the same company for almost nine years.
6) He wakes up without an alarm
7) He never complains about going to work
8) He grew up in the same house that his parents live in now.
9) He washes, slices, & eats strawberries by the carton.
10) His favorite ice cream is burnt almond fudge.
11) When he is really concentrating, he moves his lips to one side.
12) When he was younger, he had really long hair. Rebel!
13) When he was in junior high, he took the city bus to computer classes his mom signed him up for.
14) He’s a computer software engineer (those classes paid off)
15) He is very responsible with money
16) He is generous to those in need.
17) He is a natural care giver
18) He serves his family in small & big ways every day
19) He went to the same hair stylist for seven years (and no she wasn’t young with big ..)
20) He does anonymous acts of service
21) He doesn’t like attention
22) He is shy around people he doesn’t know well
23) He can easily find places. He has a built in GPS.
24) He despises doing laundry.
25) For enjoyment, he studies the Old & New Testament.

Change of Plans

We had a babysitter lined up (which is very unusual) tonight so we could go on a date. We were planning on meeting my parents at a movie.

Just as we were about to leave, a friend called and asked if we wanted to go to the Jazz game. I called my mom and asked her if they would feel bad if we ditched them for the game. She laughed and said, "Perfect timing. Your dad just said he would rather stay home and not go anywhere tonight." I quickly called my friend back & told her we could make it.

We had a great time & the Jazz won!

My friend "C" works for a radio station & hooks us up. We were in a suite with lots of food.

"S" and "C" Aren't they cute!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I was tagged a while back and just got around to doing this. I know HeRoos won't play the game, so I may just do one about him too!

1) I have a deep respect for the male gender. There are many men who have influenced my life for the better.
2) There are times that I will look around a room of complete strangers (at a restaurant, game, etc) and experience a pure love for each of them. I call this “My five minutes of unconditional love.” I wish it would occur while I am driving in traffic.
3) I talk to my parents every day. They’re my best friends.
4) Somewhere, trapped deep within me is a creative energy that doesn’t quite know how to be released.
5) I am a very average person. I’ve learned that no matter how good or bad I am at something, there is always someone who is better or worse at it.
6) I love fruits & vegetables but I also enjoy not so healthy foods.
7) I don’t cry often. That is how my husband knew to get a pregnancy test (both times). I cried during random television shows and demanded sushi.
8) Friends mean the world to me. I would not function well without them
9) My conscience is overactive. I can say no but then I feel guilty after. I dwell on things that I could’ve done better.
10) Being in the outdoors is therapy for my soul.
11) I don’t enjoy shopping. I like nice things but I don’t like stores & I feel guilty spending money.
12) Every single day, I feel so very grateful for my husband & I try to let him know.
13) When hunger strikes, I need food, and I need it now. I’ve learned to carry snacks.
14) Something that saddens me is hearing women speak negatively about their bodies.
15) Something that angers me is dishonest and abusive people.
16) Something that gives me joy is seeing my husband & baby laugh and play together.
17) If I had no fear & an endless supply of energy, motivation, money and time, I would be a runner, cyclist, motorcycle driver, mechanic, hair stylist, aesthetician, massage therapist, artist, inventor, interior decorator, floral designer, and the list goes on.
18) I love baths & hot tubs.
19) I enjoy living in a place where there are four seasons and mountains.
20) There are a few things I take to heart- when people do or say negative things about my family and my faith.
21) I’ve been blessed with the ability to forgive & forget. I mostly remember only good experiences with people.
22) Someday, I’ll invent something that will be a big hit and make millions. 
23) I’ve always dreamed of adopting children & providing them with a loving home.
24) One of my childhood dreams was to be mom & now I’m living that dream.
25) If my face doesn’t turn bright red & I don’t sweat during a work out, I feel like it was a waste of time.

One more… for some reason I constantly misspell restaurant. Spell check caught it again!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Idaho Weekend

HeRoos and I decided on Saturday that we wanted to leave for Idaho the next day. We are so glad that we did. We were able to visit our grandparents and enjoy the beautiful driving weather.

We stopped at the care center to visit my dear grandma Zenda. She was having a good day and was awake for the visit. She met BM for the very first time. The nurse told us that my grandma is the nicest Alzheimer patient she has ever met. This is not hard to believe. Even with her challenges, my sweet grandma always says, "thank you," and offers compliments.

The dialogue from this picture proves her sweetness and my husband's confidence.
As Grandma held HeRoos' hands, she said, "You're so cute."
HeRoos' response, "Yes I am."
BM and I laughed.

I always remember grandma giving "love squeezes" as she holds our hands. My mom does the same thing to us. Three squeezes means 'I love you.'

We headed to Idaho Falls to visit HeRoos' grandparents who welcomed us with open arms. BM absolutely loved being there. He was spoiled by Grandma Sharon who shared her toys and read stories to him. Grandpa called BM, "Captain."

He was happy to sleep in his bed on the floor made of blankets & pillows. He didn't even try to crawl out.

I learned a lot about Charlie & Sharon. Charlie wakes up every morning around 5:00 am and has a routine. He lines up small glasses and fills them with grape juice, apple juice, prune juice, and whatever other juice happens to be in the fridge. He goes down the line, drinking the shots of juice. He also exercises every morning on his stationary bike and does arm stretches.

He was a truck driver and drove 1.8 MILLION miles without an accident! He is the father of three sons.

Sharon raised 8 children and worked at various jobs. She and Charlie married after both of their spouses passed away. She is so sweet with her husband and knows just how to care for him.

As we were driving home, HeRoos said, "Just because my grandpa is stuck in his ways and my dad is getting stuck in his ways, doesn't mean I will be when I get old." Yea right! Three generations of Roos'.

They have plenty of food storage. We just hope it's still good. Look closely at the label. :)

Before we left Monday, we stopped by the Falls and went to breakfast at Denny's.

On our way home, we stopped by grave sites and the homes where our mothers grew up. It was fun sharing memories of our grandparents and reminiscing. I felt a surge of love and appreciation for HeRoos' and my relatives. I feel truly blessed to be related to such amazing people.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here are the two books we are reading

This one is for...
the baby that came March 14th, 2008.

And this one is for...
the baby that is coming August 1st, 2009.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

BM loves crawling and getting into anything he shouldn't.

He knocked over the popcorn and tried eating it.

He found a pen and figured out how to get the lid off. I love the mustache.

As I'm typing this short post, he is taking cards out of a box one by one AND dumping over the trash.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

He's now a mover.

By HeRoos

It took about 9 1/2 months but the little guy is finally mobile. It's a little strange, cool, and terrifying all at the same time. It's strange to see my little one starting to grow up. I’m starting to miss the little baby I once had. I feel like in no time at all he will go from crawling, to walking, to talking to me (and talking back to me), to school, to driving my car, and to most likely wrecking my car. So I’m trying to enjoy these moments before they become a distant memory. Cool because soon he will be able to keep up with some of his nephews and nieces to steal any toy he may want at the time. And finally terrifying because I’m realizing all the things he can crawl to and swallow, fall down, pull on, or stick something into. It’s amazing that any kid makes it past 3 years old. So without further ado here is one of BMs first crawls.

Cross Country Skiing

We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon cross country skiing at North Fork (near Powder Mountain).

We went with our friends, "J," "T," and "L." Notice how "L" liked to lean to the far left.

BM sporting his shades. His mitts wouldn't allow him to pull them off like he normally would do. I think he eventually realized how stylin' he looked.

Father Like Son. I couldn't resist snapping pictures of them..

I see a silhouette

Milk Break

"J" made a snow seat.

BM eventually fell asleep and kept snoring in his daddy's ear.

Notice the skis in hand (not on feet). We went up a little high and had a hard time coming back down without falling. The babies threw their dad's balance off and they vocalized their displeasure when they fell to the ground. "J" made it down like a pro. Me on the other hand, I had no excuse. I'm just not very coordinated, especially on skis.

BM was pink cheeked and happy after our day in the fresh air. We can't wait to go again soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't Judge ....

If you don't want to read my ramblings, scroll down to the moral of the story.

When we moved to our new home in October, HeRoos and I were out walking BM and met another couple walking their baby boy (who is 3 months older than BM). They were also fairly new to the area. We swapped numbers and have since become good friends. When the weather was nicer, we (the ladies) would walk the kids during the day and play at the park.

Instead of exercising in this yucky weather, "J" and I are discovering ways to work on our food storage (a supply on the hips). We found a coupon for sushi and ventured out with the boys yesterday. The place was adorable in a cute area and the service was fantastic but the sushi was just so so.

I got another e-mail/coupon that happened to be for a Mexican restaurant that has fried ice cream (which we've been craving). So the boys took us out to lunch again today (aren't they kind to their mothers). Keep in mind that "J" and I are both new to the area so we depend heavily on the Garmin to guide us around.

The Garmin navigated us to a very sketchy looking building surrounded by old factories and as we drove up to the restaurant we looked at each other and debated if we should go in. I looked at the cars in the parking lot and didn't see any red flags, then we watched a couple people come out and they looked harmless so we decided to make good use out of that coupon.

The minute we walked in my reservations went away. Mexican music was playing and people were enjoying their food. The food was delicious! We left with full, happy stomachs and were happy to see our car still in the parking lot.

The moral of this story is: Don't Judge Food by the Building/Area
or you may miss out on a fabulous meal!

Snow Plows

There are a million things we love about the new area we live in except for one thing... the snow removal system. It snows like crazy here and yes, it is beautiful but it's a big pain.

We received a second notice in the mail from the Postal Service that they need a clear, full approach and exit to our mail box (meaning: get rid of the huge snow bank in the way). I completely understand.

The problem is that when the snow plow actually makes it to our cul de sac, they push the snow right in front of our house blocking the mailbox. It's not a little pile of snow, it's huge. I just spent 20 minutes with a shovel chipping away at the ice and it didn't make a dent. Grrrr.

While I appreciate when the snow plows decide to make a rare visit to us, I don't understand why it needs to be pushed directly in front of our mailbox. HeRoos and I could spend hours moving the snowbank only to have it replaced as soon it snows again.

Maybe, we'll take my mom's suggestion and put a temporary mailbox in a bucket filled with cement that can be moved around.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We Love This Guy!

Tinsel Time...

Suds Time...

Crawling Time... (stay tuned for a video)
That's right. BM finally decided to impress us with his moving and grooving skills. It only took him 9 months but this mom isn't complaining. Now we have to baby proof the house.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

McDermott Christmas Party

I have great memories of visiting my Grandpa and Grandma McDermott for Christmas. All of our cousins and aunts and uncles would drive from far away to make it to the little town of Clifton, Idaho. We exchanged gifts, ate food, laughed, and even went on real sleigh rides. Grandpa passed away and Grandma isn't herself anymore but the McDermotts still love and support each other.

This year, I thought it would be fun to start having an annual McDermott Christmas party. With the crazy weather and busy schedules not a lot of relatives were able to show up but those who were there partied it up McDermott style.

I originally had paper plates and cups but with such an intimate crowd, we all gathered around the table and ate on real plates and used silverware instead of plastic. My mom and dad made a delicious turkey dinner and people brought dishes to share. Mmmm mmm

We moved the party to the refrigerated basement and warmed up with blankets and laughter. My nephew, Peanut, was in heaven with all the attention.

I love this picture because look closely in the background. Father like son. My dad loves his grand kids and my brother loves his kids.

We had a gift exchange and if you've ever played with the McDermotts, they show NO mercy. We could "steal" a gift twice and then it was home safe. It was quite entertaining. I'm afraid my mom will need to start singing church hymns to keep her thoughts clean after scoring a Studs & Spurs Calendar. How did they get a picture of my husband in there? ;)

This singing frog originally came from an aunt in Washington but is making his way around the family.

Who's game to have the party at your house next year?

Baby Claus

Look who we found sneaking in through the fireplace.

Then we saw him hanging around the Christmas tree.

Instead of hopping on his sleigh, he left by train.