Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stolen Hugs

Sometimes when I check on MB at night, he stands up in his crib (completely asleep) so I scoop him up in my arms and hug him for as long as I want. Eventhough the hugs are stolen, they make up for any headaches he may have caused me during the day.

Monday, September 28, 2009


We absolutely love and adore this little angel. ZoZo has such a sweetness about her and we feel so fortunate that she joined our family.

HeRoos gave her a wonderful blessing yesterday.

Her Aunt Kim (HeRoos' sister) crocheted this gorgeous blessing dress & booties. When I opened the gift in the hospital after ZoZo was born, I got chills all over because of how beautiful it was. Such a tender gift.

Grandma Trudy (HeRoos' mom) sewed this slip to go under the dress. It's so feminine and pretty that we had to show it off. Grandma Reta gave her the hair band and Aunt Melanie (my brother's wife) made her bracelet (it's hidden in the picture). She was literally covered in love from head to toe by her sweet relatives.

Most of these pictures were taken by Amanda Laing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pure Contentment

Do you ever have moments in your life when you think to yourself, 'There is no place else I'd rather be?' I've experienced them in all stages of my life... when I was single driving in my car with the windows down listening to music, enjoying a great dinner & conversation with my girlfriends, barbecuing with my family, and times like today...

Thanks to Labor Day, HeRoos was able to enjoy a full day of no work and no house work for me! We headed up to Pineview. The weather was perfect and both kiddos were on their very best behavior.

The trail we went on started out like this.

Then it turned into this.

It was a jungle, not meant for strollers but we were in it too far to turn around. The stroller (and Max) took it for the team.

After hiking through the jungle, we headed to Eden for some great Mexican food.

Then we came home, rested, bathed and dressed in our SUU shirts and headed to the mall for a free chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-a. Anyone who showed up in a sports shirt, got a free sandwich. What a sweet deal- no cooking for me on Labor Day!

Go T-birds!

Do the kids look happy or what?!

It was a perfectly sweet day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aren't Grandparents Great?!

HeRoos' dad, grandpa and grandma stopped by to meet ZoZo Thursday on their way back to Idaho. We love them and are so glad they could see us (too bad HeRoos had to work today).

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Sharon Roos

Vinn (Dad) & ZoZo

Grandma Sharon & ZoZo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Driving Lessons for ZoZo

When it comes to child raising, HeRoos and I see eye to eye UNTIL the teenage years. We already disagree on a few things. This conversation is a perfect example of how we both have stereotypes about things. Don't ask why we're discussing something that is 15 years away.

HeRoos: Who is going to teach Zoey to drive?
SheRoos: I don't know. Women are generally more patient so probably me.
HeRoos: I don't think that is a good idea. It would be like making a copy of a copy. It loses its' quality each time.

Golf Date

HeRoos finally decided it was time to take his wife on a date. We dropped the kids off at my parents and went to a nearby golf course for the last tee time of the day. This is the first time we've ever been golfing together and only my 2nd time ever on the course-I usually stick to the driving range.

We are way too competitive and so we agreed on our way there that we would encourage each other instead of trying to show up the other person.

I surprised myself with my first hit of the day. It went far and straight. HeRoos said, "You suck." Then he clarified not because I'm bad at golf but because I may be better than him. Then he remembered our agreement and said, "Good job."

We had a blast! HeRoos golfed his best game ever and let's just say that I could use some practice at a miniature golf course (I struggled on the green). The one disadvantage of being the last tee time of the day is that the darkness made it almost impossible to see our golf balls.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Field Trip with the Grandparents

I love this time of year! It's pretty neat driving and seeing fruit stands along the road. ZoZo, MB, and I had the great privilege of going on a field trip with my mom and dad today. It's too exhausting for me to venture out on my own with the two kiddos so I happily accepted my parents offer to go on a drive with them in search of fruit. We went to a couple different fruit stands and this is what we found.

Who knew red popcorn kernels existed? Does it turn into red popcorn?


And more onions.

A sign that Halloween is just around the corner.


Notice MB's shirt. Life is good when his grandparents are around to spoil him.

Waiting for our fruit shakes and hot dogs.

Grandpa loading up on fruit to share with all the kids and grand kids.

MB chomping down on a juicy, delicious peach.

22 pounds of Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails.

Sugar and spice and all things nice.

It was a fun field trip. Thanks Ma & Pa!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cat Faced Spider

My husband and I are very different in many ways which is probably why we like each other so much. This is a perfect illustration of how different we are.

I like spiders. I find them fascinating. I like to watch them make webs and catch food. As a little girl, I was even bit by one and had to go to the doctor and have it lanced. It didn't make me like them any less.

HeRoos on the other hand has never had a bad experience with spiders. He just doesn't like them (and I think he's scared of them). If he sees a spider in the house, he asks me to take care of it (whimp!). He doesn't even like talking about spiders.

There has been a spider making quite the palace/big web at the very top of the front entrance of the outside of our home (that didn't make sense, did it?). The spider seemed to be getting bigger every day and I definitely didn't want it having babies or biting someone who was coming to visit us. It was really bothering HeRoos so I took out the water hose and tried spraying it down. My plan was to keep it alive until I could identify if it was poisonous or not. If it was safe, it would be freed to a different area. That spider was resilient and stayed put. Since it was such a fighter, I decided to leave it alone.

HeRoos wasn't satisfied with my attempts and sprayed it with bug killer. I went out to find it curled up and dead. I put it in a jar and after much research found out that it was a cat face spider. They are not threatening to humans and they eat large insects. After finding out how harmless and helpful this kind of spider is, I felt really bad about its' death.

If you see a spider that looks like this, you may want to let it be.

I found this great picture on the internet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buckle Boy

Little MB LOVES buckles. He finds them everywhere and can't seem to fight the urge to walk away without fastening them (and I can't fight the urge to not take a picture). He often chooses to fasten buckles over playing with toys.

By the way, yes I do dress my children. He had just finished eating breakfast and got food all over his shirt so I stripped him down.

A Curtain That Keeps on Giving

Remember the lamp shade I made out of curtain? Well it has proved to come in useful once again.

I fell in love with a tutu at a store in the mall...guess how much it was? Come on, just guess. Yep, 50 big ones. I couldn't justify that even for ZoZo'z pictures so I decided to get creative. This is what I came up with.

So the pictures don't do it justice. I'm glad I didn't give the curtain to D.I. Some of the ribbon is "recycled" gift wrap. And the really great part... less than $5! The kiddos/babios had pictures taken yesterday by a VERY patient photographer. ZoZo modeled the tutu. I'll post pictures when they're ready.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

CLick Click

It's so easy to take a million pictures with a digital camera.

ZoZo and MB

MB and Daddy walking home from church.

I love that little clump of hair that sticks up in the middle of her head.

A picture of HeRoos..just because he's hot.

ZoZo and her mama (a.k.a. Milk Supply)

MB and his playing pal, Granny GoGo.

ZoZo getting loved on by her Pops

And ZoZo demonstrating how we all feel around here. It sure will be nice when she starts sleeping through the night.