Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not a Fun Day for MB

MB fell asleep in his daddy's arms before his "Not Fun Day" started. Until this past week, the only time I remember MB falling asleep in our arms is when he was still nursing. He is very particular about sleeping in his crib, swing, or car seat.

We found out yesterday that MB had every right to be very grumpy. He hasn't been himself for a week and we thought it was a side effect of the immunizations. Yesterday as we were on our way to a nephew's baptism MB was fussy so I sat in the back seat with him and noticed his tongue was white.

I called my own personal ask-a-nurse (a.k.a. my sister in law). She suggested we call his pediatrician. The nurse asked us some questions and recommended we take MB to the ER since it had been a while since he had a wet diaper. This seemed a little extreme to me but when it comes to a child, I'd rather be on the safe side.

We dropped off the pasta salad (which is part II to this story) and headed to the IMC.

Sure enough our little guy was dehydrated. As the nurses took his vitals, he had a major blow out, covering himself and his mom in a very horrible smell. The diarrhea started and continued at the hospital, one diaper after another (fortunately we had an emergency stash of diapers and a pair of jeans for me in the car).

The poor guy got an IV and even worse, a catheter (NOT natural).

He cried and moaned as we felt completely helpless.

Fortunately he slept and slept and slept.

We left the hospital 6 hours later with a sleeping yet hydrated Mr. Boy. We're hoping & praying he'll regain his energy and feel better soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Grumpiness is very contagious-even when it's started by a twelve month old. A couple days ago, MB was very ill. He had his vaccinations the week before and the doctor warned us that it may hit a week later. We had no idea that it would hit this hard. MB had no energy and my heart was breaking for him. He crawled up into my arms and fell asleep on the couch. Unheard of for our non-cuddly boy.

The fever has passed and the energy has returned in the form of 100% Pure Grumpiness.

This morning as MB was at his finest, HeRoos said, "Some days I'm really glad I get to go to work."

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have to stay home and raise our children but I must admit there are days that I would love to go to work. I may not enjoy it quite as much if I had to. Being a stay at home mom has it's share of challenges.

I think every job has it's share of ups and downs. Today happens to be one of my "downs." A night out with the girls, a hike in the sun, a spa treatment or a day of shopping in Park City (which is a rare desire of mine-to shop) sounds very appealing. Anything to remind me of the individual I was before I became a mother.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monkey Birthday Party!

We celebrated MB's first birthday "Monkey Style." He received a monkey stuffed animal from Grandma & Grandpa H for Christmas and he loves it. He lights up when he sees it so we decided to have a monkey birthday.

These party favors worked great in little bags as balloon weights.

We had fruit, pizza,rootbeer & cupcakes. It wasn't until everyone left that we realized we forgot to hand out creamsicles. We have three full boxes! It looks like I may need to help take care of that problem. ;)

He was a little hesitant with the cake but after some encouragement from Dad, he finally got into it.

MB wants to thank everyone for the great presents. He is having so much with them!

It was nice spending time with family & friends to celebrate our little guys 1st birthday.

We are so glad MB joined our family. We can't imagine our lives without him!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Boy Smells

It was a beautiful day and MB enjoyed his first time in the sandbox.

He tested the direction of the wind.

He filled up his toy.

He ate it. Again and again.

He gagged. He spit it up.

When he crawled over for a hug, I inhaled. He smelled like a little boy and I couldn't stop sniffing him.

I love being a mom to a boy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look Who's 1!

It was a year ago that our sweet miracle baby joined our family. I love this picture. His newborn clothes are way to big for him and he doesn't quite look human.

Tired daddy and baby.

I can't believe this is the same little guy one year later.

His birthday breakfast of choice-oatmeal with mushed bananas & strawberries.

Why use a spoon, when fingers work just as well?!

At the Roos family Christmas party, Grandma had everyone guess how much money was in this jar. HeRoos and I combined our guesses and divided it by two for BM. He won the money! We decided that today was the day to take it off his shelf and deposit it in the bank.

We made it to the credit union to find out that we didn't need a birth certificate but his social security number.

We drove all the way home and arrived at 3:03 to discover it was closed (at 3:00). Eventually we found another branch and opened BM's very own savings account.

Then it was off to the library.

The librarian who opened our accounts seeped sweetness and BM was thrilled to have his own card. Look at that smile!

He loved pulling the books off the shelf and flirting with a little girl who was into her book, not BM. Why do even baby boys pursue girls who are not interested?

Then it was time to eat at the old folk joint. ;)

Happy Birthday! We love you. xoxox

Important Notice: Since our Baby M (BM) is no longer a baby, his blog name is going to be MB for M Boy. This will also clear up any misconceptions that our Baby M is a bowel movement. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Like, Like

HeRoos cracks me up. He was telling me about a conversation he heard on the radio and the caller kept using the word "like." He said, "She used the word like, like 20 times."

I couldn't help but laugh but sometimes like is like the only word that seems to like work.

HeRoos Response: Hello, I was like "in character" at the time :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Backwards Day?

I think Daylight Savings time is having an effect on HeRoos (notice BM's pants).


This pregnancy is very different than my last. I was so sick with BM that I told HeRoos it would be my last pregnancy. Obviously I didn't stick to that statement but this pregnancy has been great in comparison. I was a little sick in the beginning but mainly at night and early in the morning. As long as I constantly snack on things, I'm fine.

The other major difference is when I was pregnant with BM, greasy & salty food made me sick and I didn't craved chocolate. I wanted water so bad but it made me puke (for almost the entire nine months). I resorted to other liquids (limiting Dr. Pepper to one a day). With this pregnancy, not only do I crave hamburgers, french fries, and chocolate milk shakes but I also DREAM about them.

Last night I had a dream that I got upset with the worker at Wendy's because he would not accept my coupon for a bacon burger. Since I woke up, I've been salivating just thinking about a hamburger. And BOO to my parents for telling me about this delicious hamburger joint called Best Burger. I've been using quite a bit of control over the past couple months but I feel like I'm about to lose all self discipline and start devouring big juicy bacon burgers and fries daily and in my sleep.