Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McDermott Reunion 2010

Over Father's Day Weekend we headed to Willow Flat for the McDermott Reunion. A lot of family were able to make it and we had a good time chatting and creating new memories. Get ready for tons of pictures...

Campfire talk and warming up buns.

My cousin Destiny & Addilyn

My cute cousins. They are trouble!

I love this picture. It's so tender. MB & HeRoos engrossed in painting.

MB loved the river. We had to keep him close by. He seemed so happy to be outdoors and we let him get as dirty as he wanted.

My cousins Breanna & Reagan painted ZoZo's toes.

My brother Jeramie.

Tall Cousin Shelby on a nature walk with the littles: Grey, Addi, Jack, Preslie, MB

ZoZo's painted piggies.

Pop's big piggy went to the market and almost didn't come home. Ouch!

Cousin Dax, Aunt Nadine, GG

Aunt Marilyn & Cousin Jill

Jer, Grey, Addi

The Roos Gang

The Roos' after a sleepless night. Isn't my aunt's VW van awesome!

June Happenings

June has been a whirlwind. It has been full of family get-togethers and outdoor fun. It seems that lately being on the computer is more of a chore than enjoyment, hence the lag in posts. Here is a quick catch up...

We went to S&S Shortline Railroad in Farmington and it was awesome. It is a family hobby and they open it up to the public once a month. They have tunnels, bridges, a park, a museum, and model trains. MB & ZoZo were in train heaven.

When we finished riding the trains, we headed to Lewiston, Idaho to watch our friend finish the Little Red Riding Hood 100 mile bike ride. She didn't have her cell phone with her so we just rode our bikes around hoping to see her. We never saw her but we had a nice time on our new bikes. I'm still a little insecure riding a bike but hopefully my confidence will grow.

2 Huge milestones... ZoZo started crawling and MB started smiling for pictures! I'll have to post videos later.

ZoZo,Braden (MB's buddy), & MB

My Uncle passed away so I headed to Las Vegas for the weekend with my parents and brother. This is the first time in years we've been together like old times, without our spouses and kids. I told them that the same rules applied from when we were young, "No tooting in the car." It wasn't my brother we had to worry about. I guess old age does weird things to people's sense of control...I'm not saying who but eweee! It was nice seeing my relatives from my dad's family and celebrating the life of my Uncle Lewie. Jeramie's wife (my sister-in-law) and HeRoos are such a great sport for watching the kids.

Allergies, allergies, go AWAY.

Can I just say allergies are so annoying?! I want to take a tooth brush and scrape the inside of my throat, eyes, nose and ears. I love being outside but 15 minutes of yard work = 24 hours of insatiable itching. Grrrrr

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

To 3 wonderful dads!

My own pops.

My father-in-law.

and the father of my children.

These three men are what great father's are made of. They are loving, supportive, accepting, respectful, hard working and kind. Thanks for being such great dads!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

Isn't it nice to get freebies sometimes? Tonight we scored.

1) Free fish tacos at Rubios. I LOVE their food. They are promoting Utah's free fishing day (which is tomorrow).
2) Free donuts at Krispy Kreme

Why do coupons bug me so much? Well, let me tell you... I often forget them. I know I should keep them in my car at all times but sometimes I get them as emails and I forget to print them off until I'm at the store and it's too late. That happened tonight. We rushed to Tai Pan trading so I could buy a beverage dispenser before they closed. I thought it was a sale item and didn't bring the online coupon. Well they wouldn't give it to me for the sale price without the coupon so I didn't get it. They lost a purchase and a customer over a stupid coupon. What's the big deal about scanning a coupon if a customer asks for it?!! I still want that darn beverage dispenser but I need to decide how soon I can let go of my grudge.

Onto a much lighter subject-HeRoos and I have been like little kids. We've been saving our pennies for a new purchase. Before I tell you what it is, I should share our summer goal: FAMILY, FUN, FITNESS. So the donuts don't really fall into this goal but our purchase bikes! We each got a new bike and also helmets, a bike trailer, a bike lock, and a softer seat for HeRoos. It all adds up.

We are so excited to give them a spin as soon as we wake up. I would really like to try the Antelope by Moonlight Ride but it's on the 25th, 3 weeks away. I rode it years ago and have scars to prove it. I was trying to pick a wedgie and fell over just as the race was getting started. It was still a great time biking under a full moon and seeing people of all ages and abilities participate. Wish me luck talking HeRoos into it and getting my legs strong enough to actually enjoy it.