Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Fun

Summer is definitely in the air. Even though our kids are not in school, we still try to keep them on somewhat of a schedule. Not lately- We've been having too much fun.

We went to the Riverdale drive-in on the spur of the moment. Our hopes were that both kids would fall asleep before the first movie even started. MB was having way too much fun playing around in the car and eating Pop Rocks & popcorn. ZoZo slept in her car seat for most of it. Iron Man II was the first feature which I thought was so-so. It's not my type of movie. The second feature was How to Raise a Dragon & it was awesome. MB even stayed up late watching it.

The next night, we drove to Lindon for HeRoos' family work party. It was at a place called 'Jump On It' and MB had the time of his life. He started out apprehensive and by the end of the night he was all over the place. ZoZo was tired but a good sport. By the end of the night, there were 3 wet diapers to change- childbirth changes the body. :)

I took the kids to meet my friend Lisa and her kids at the Kaysville Pond. We had a nice time watching them fish and walking around. When the kids are a little older, I can't wait to start fishing!

This is Spencer. He is such a cutie!

We've been selling lots of stuff on KSL and we had a garage sale. Guess what we're saving our money for...bicycles! Our goal is to be a bike riding family. Wahoo, we're almost there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Riverdale River Parkway

We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk on the Riverdale Parkway. There are some fun new attractions that I didn't know about- a Frisbee golf course and a dirt bike course. I love seeing people out taking advantage of the free entertainment & enjoying the outdoors.

You can't tell from the picture but I have on roller blades that I've had since high school. I feel so free when I'm rollerblading. The only problem, and it's a BIG problem, I can't stop. The only way for me to come to a complete stop without falling down is going up a steep hill. MB begged for me to carry him so I gave it a try. We did just fine until we went down a hill at a very fast pace. Luckily the path started inclining so we were able to slow down but that was the last of his ride. ZoZo was so content & happy the entire time- except for taking off her hat and throwing it on the ground.

MB is determined & stubborn. He refused to ride in the stroller with Zo so he either walked or rode on HeRoos's shoulders. The paved trail ended so they walked on the dirt trail and MB kept pulling HeRoos' hair like he was holding the reins on a horse, trying to steer HeRoos to the very end. I got worried about them so I took off my roller blades and Zo and I set off to find them.

We caught up with them and MB led the way to the railroad tracks, of course. MB loves trains and is totally fascinated by them.

When I was in college, I spent 2 summers working for a program called AmeriCorps to earn scholarship money. A team of 10 of us worked our buns off doing environmental work all over northern Utah. One of the projects was making this nature trail that breaks off from the main trail. We made bird & bat boxes, benches, a sundial, and designed the signs along the trail. It was a lot of hard work but fun to see my own children (13 years later) enjoying the fruits of my labors.

Someday, I'll take them to Antelope Island on a trail that we started from scratch. It was hot, exhausting labor. I learned what a pulaski was and how to use it. I haven't been back since because I've had no desire to climb it for the 100th time and there were no trees for shade. At the beginning of our project we would go to the van to eat our lunches and after a few days we started packing them because it took too long to hike back down & then back up with full stomachs. If I can ever locate the pictures, I'll post them.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ZoZo at 9 months

ZoZo is a little one but super healthy. Here are the stats from her nine month check-up.

Weight: 15 pounds,14 ounces (5%)
Height: 27 inches (25%)

And the other great thing- her Mohawk is long enough for a little barrette. yea, no more bow glue!

A few things about this angel girl...

ZoZo has no desire to crawl but she will sit and entertain herself for long intervals of time. She adores her brother and he can get her laughing so hard. She does not like wearing hats, hair bands, or bows and will keep at it until they are off of her head. She has Inspector Gadget arms and grabs anything in sight within a half second. Her favorite toys are cars or anything with wheels. She only takes her bottle warm and will eat mixed grain cereal with baby food mixed in. She is a great night time sleeper. During the day she doesn't want to miss out on anything and takes little cat naps. We love listening to her babble and say mama. The only people she will let hold her without crying is Daddy, Mommy, GG and occasionally Pops. She is growing bigger and sweeter every day.

Friday, May 7, 2010


It amazes me what kids observe parents doing without us realizing it. Sometimes it's good other times it's not. This happened to be a positive observation. I've been trying to keep a challenge that the Young Women in our stake(church congregation) were asked to participate in- Have you 'Red' your Book of Mormom? We're encouraged to read for 5 minutes each day and mark the words with a Red pencil. It looks like Mr. Boy is more observant than I thought. He found a mini Book of Mormon and pencil and started marking away. I wonder if he thinks it's coloring time. Regardless, it tickled me to see him doing it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


MB has become a helpful little guy. When ZoZo cries, he leaves the room and comes back with her pink waffle blanket. He likes feeding her much more than she likes being fed by him (ZoZo is a girl underneath the boy bib and green clothes).

Hairy Situation

Did Mr. Boy think my head looked like a train track or did he want to bring back childhood memories of when I got the wind-up frog stuck in my hair? After finally figuring out how to turn the train off and looking in the mirror I was able to untangle it with only a few strands left in the wheels. Pain is only temporary, right?