Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I was tagged a while back and just got around to doing this. I know HeRoos won't play the game, so I may just do one about him too!

1) I have a deep respect for the male gender. There are many men who have influenced my life for the better.
2) There are times that I will look around a room of complete strangers (at a restaurant, game, etc) and experience a pure love for each of them. I call this “My five minutes of unconditional love.” I wish it would occur while I am driving in traffic.
3) I talk to my parents every day. They’re my best friends.
4) Somewhere, trapped deep within me is a creative energy that doesn’t quite know how to be released.
5) I am a very average person. I’ve learned that no matter how good or bad I am at something, there is always someone who is better or worse at it.
6) I love fruits & vegetables but I also enjoy not so healthy foods.
7) I don’t cry often. That is how my husband knew to get a pregnancy test (both times). I cried during random television shows and demanded sushi.
8) Friends mean the world to me. I would not function well without them
9) My conscience is overactive. I can say no but then I feel guilty after. I dwell on things that I could’ve done better.
10) Being in the outdoors is therapy for my soul.
11) I don’t enjoy shopping. I like nice things but I don’t like stores & I feel guilty spending money.
12) Every single day, I feel so very grateful for my husband & I try to let him know.
13) When hunger strikes, I need food, and I need it now. I’ve learned to carry snacks.
14) Something that saddens me is hearing women speak negatively about their bodies.
15) Something that angers me is dishonest and abusive people.
16) Something that gives me joy is seeing my husband & baby laugh and play together.
17) If I had no fear & an endless supply of energy, motivation, money and time, I would be a runner, cyclist, motorcycle driver, mechanic, hair stylist, aesthetician, massage therapist, artist, inventor, interior decorator, floral designer, and the list goes on.
18) I love baths & hot tubs.
19) I enjoy living in a place where there are four seasons and mountains.
20) There are a few things I take to heart- when people do or say negative things about my family and my faith.
21) I’ve been blessed with the ability to forgive & forget. I mostly remember only good experiences with people.
22) Someday, I’ll invent something that will be a big hit and make millions. 
23) I’ve always dreamed of adopting children & providing them with a loving home.
24) One of my childhood dreams was to be mom & now I’m living that dream.
25) If my face doesn’t turn bright red & I don’t sweat during a work out, I feel like it was a waste of time.

One more… for some reason I constantly misspell restaurant. Spell check caught it again!


Hayley said...

jennie - this is fun to know about you! i always spell restaurant wrong, too! i always loved your postitive attitude & smile!

The One said...

Yeah, about number 19...I think we only have 2.5 seasons instead of 4 because fall and spring are each only a few days long.

Kristanne said...

Wow - what a great blog. You put it all so beautifully. You have such an outgoing and positive attitude. I don't even know you very well, but I really like you! I love spell checker! I too have a problem with no. Only I usually just don't say it and then feel overwhelmed, and when I do I too feel guilty.

Megan said...

This was so interesting to read!