Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The past week has involved a lot of shopping. I'm not much of a shopper. In fact, I dislike shopping unless I'm in just the right mood. That mood doesn't occur often. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things but I don't like fighting crowds, driving in traffic, and spending money. "Things" seem so expensive. I don't know if they really are or if I am just frugal.

BM is getting blessed in church this Sunday and I want him to have something special to wear. I realize that he would be perfectly happy in his pajamas and other people probably won't think twice about his outfit but it matters to me.

I went to an adorable Baby Boutique in Sugar House with a friend and found a great outfit. Knowing that it would be an extravagant purchase, I sent a text to HeRoos. As I explained to my friend, I wasn't looking for HeRoos' approval but his support. When I got the text back, I laughed because HeRoos and I think too much alike when it comes to spending money.

HeRoos: 'How many times is he (BM) going to wear it?'
Me: 'Not enough but it's really cute'
HeRoos: 'Just make sure it's not puffy and shiny like a girl's dress.'

I justified the purchase because it's such a special occasion and we can keep it as an heirloom. Now that he had an outfit, he needed shoes and socks. The hunt was on. I went to store after store looking for a tiny pair of white boy shoes. There were plenty of adorable white shoes for girls but not for boys. Keep in mind how much I dislike shopping and I had to tote around a baby. Fortunately BM was on his best behavior all day. After going to FIVE stores, I headed home and called my mom and asked her to keep her eyes open for some shoes if she was out and about.

When I arrived home exhausted, HeRoos asked if I remembered to buy him a white dress shirt. Oops. After BM had a nap, I grumpily got in the car and drove to the mall so I wouldn't miss the sale on men's shirts. While I was there, I went into store after store asking for white baby shoes. FINALLY, I found a cute pair and they were only $5. As I was driving home, my mom called and said that she also found some shoes. Next time, I'm putting her in charge of the shopping.

I just laughed at myself because of a "heirloom" realization. A few months ago I was tired of my wedding dress taking up so much space in the closet so I sold it back for not even a fraction of the price we paid for it. I hope my kids don't put too much emphasis on heirlooms or they'll be very disappointed.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Screaming Duo

We had some visitors from California. Baby Kate and Mamma J (see her blog here) came to stay with us for a couple days. Mamma J and I have been the best of friends since our freshman year at Southern Utah University. A sign of true friendship is knowing that you don't have to wake up in the morning with your guest or entertain them. They know where the food pantry is and they're not too shy to make themselves at home.

I haven't seen Baby Kate since December when she was two months old. Our little guy is two months now and wasn't up for impressing the ladies. In fact, I think BM's naughtiness rubbed off on Baby Kate who is usually full of smiles. We were driving home from Salt Lake (and yes the mom's ignored bedtimes to hit a great baby boutique) when BM and Baby Kate broke into song. It wasn't the kind of song that could be on the Top 40 list someday. Instead it was the kind that we tried to cover up with our own amazing singing ability. ;) The babies didn't calm down as we sang The Wheels on the Bus. Their screaming duet just got LOUDER and LOUDER and they thought we were demanding an encore. It was hysterical. We were so relieved when their vocal cords finally gave out and sleep took over.

They were exhausted after their great performance.

They were as happy as could be in their pj's the morning after the concert.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Name that Skat

When we were in Cascade Springs near Midway, there were droppings everywhere. I was curious what kind of animal had left presents all over the trail so I took a picture. At the Visitor Center in Midway, Utah there happended to be a display of animal skat and prints. What do you think-Elk or Moose?

Midway, UT

To say I LOVE surprises is an understatement. HeRoos knows this and is great at planning them. On my birthday, he gave me a certificate for a weekend get away that included hiking, fishing, and a spa treatment in Midway, Utah. He talked to my dad and we used my parent's time share for the weekend (thanks Mom & Dad).

The weather was fabulous and we enjoyed spending time together. The only challenging part was BM. He was fussy and kept us awake both nights and on our toes during the day. HeRoos and I had a great time despite BM's complaints.

A 3 hour spa treatment at the Homestead started the weekend right. It was divine! It included a mineral soak, massage, facial and pedicure. My favorite part was the facial and I didn't want it to end. I smelled so good after using all the Aveda products in my hair.

We ate a lot of food and we still feel like we need to cleanse out our system.

The drive to Cascade Springs was a little scary but worth it. The hike reminded us that it's time to dust off the exercise equipment and stop indulging in so many "free days."

We went fishing at a pond near the Visitor Center and didn't catch one fish! We're amateurs and bought fishing liscenses and some cheap poles. We had no idea what we were doing but still had fun. As we were leaving, we read the BIG sign that we hadn't noticed before. It said the pond was for children 16 and under...oops! At least, we didn't deprive any kids of fish.

Since we're such party animals (yea right), we decided to rent a couple videos. We both picked one. Of course, HeRoos picked a violent movie, "Live Free or Die Hard."I had to keep covering my eyes because of all the blood and guts. I love feel good football movies so I picked out "We Are Marshall" but had to wipe away a few tears.

There was a memorial at the top of a mountain. It was a beautiful view. I'm so appreciative of all the sacrifices people have made for our freedom.

I love to get away but it's always nice coming home.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Parenting is NOT for Sissies

BM had his two month check up today and the little guy was a trooper! As he got pricked in each leg, he opened his mouth wide and his face turned bright red. It was as if a mute button turned on. Not a sound was heard for about ten seconds. Then his built up cry surfaced and he let us know how bad it hurt. I wanted to cry with him. I still feel like crying.

BM is our Mini Man. His weight and head size are in the five percentile. His height is in the 37 percentile. The doctor said there is no reason to be concerned since he is a good eater and is healthy.

I'm learning that this mommy thing is not for sissies. Not only do I have to be physically strong to lift a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag but I also have to be emotionally strong and not cry when my baby cries. I guess I'll just have to fake it until I make it.

Check out the band-aids on his little legs.

Now that he is asleep, let's hope he doesn't have nightmares about long needles. What do babies dream about?

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Uniform

Do you ever get stuck in the rut of wearing the same thing over and over and over again? For the past couple months, my uniform consists of my yoga pants from Express and a white sweatshirt from Sea World. The minute I get home, I strip down and put on my uniform. It's not always the cleanest nor the most stylish but it is comfortable. I was looking through some pictures and realized that I sport the outfit quite a bit.

Same outfit, different days, different photographers.

Maybe with the weather warming up, this uniform will retire for a season.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Smarter Than a Chair

HeRoos and I were so excited to receive a call from Babies R Us notifying us that our glider arrived. We picked it up Friday night and HeRoos put it together. He sat on the soft, cushy chair and was disappointed to find out that it didn't recline. We got the wrong one (or so he thought)! It was late, Max and I were ready for bed so we didn't even sit down on the new purchase.

This morning, HeRoos disassembled the chair, loaded it back in the car and headed to Babies R Us ready to demand a new glider that reclined. Being the smart man that he is, he decided to go into the store and inspect the floor model to make sure we pointed to the right chair when we ordered it. As he was sitting on the floor model, he discovered a knob on the side and realized that our glider is the exact same and does in fact recline.

Embarrassed (yet relieved that he hadn't talked to a salesperson yet) he left the store and headed back home to once again unload the glider and put it together. Let's hope we're smarter than the ottoman (when it arrives) because the chair almost had HeRoos beat.

HeRoos and BM gliding and watching the Jazz game.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Nature

I thought spring was supposed to be here to stay but it has been snowing! I heard a loud noise at the park yesterday morning and thought someone wanted to give their snow blower one last shot before storing it away. :) I was wrong. Workers were MOWING the snow covered grass and using a weed wacker!

A day later and the spring weather is back! I'm beginning to understand why Nature is referred to in the female gender- "she" is quick to change her mind and mood.

Today Baby Max, who I am going to start referring to as BM (for more than one reason), and I headed to Gardner Village. It is such a charming place. The ducks came up to meet us and they looked like they could squish BM they were so big! It was tempting to put him on one for a ride. There is something that I absolutely love about ducks. I could watch them all day.

Disappointing 99 cent chocolates. They looked so good so I bought a white coconut ball and a chocolate one. Gross! I forced one down and couldn't justify the calories on the other.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moods of Our Mini-Max

Awake Times...

Fussy Times...

Sleepy Times...