Sunday, December 30, 2007

Friend Withdrawals

There are a couple things about married life that I'm still trying to adjust to. As for living with HeRoos-no problem. He is actually a very good roommate and is even willing to mop the floors AND clean the toilets (if I ask very nicely). It's great having a roommate with benefits. wink wink

The difficult transition for me has been trying to make new friends way out west. I have lived with roommates for the past twelve years and am used to always having friends around and people to do things with. I loved meeting friends for dinner, walking at the park or just hanging out and talking.

Now that HeRoos and I are married and live at the edge of the earth, I feel like my social life has done a complete flip-flop. I still keep in touch with friends but we don't see each other nearly as often and it takes a lot more effort when we do.

Saturday night was a perfect example. Due to my friend withdrawals, we thought it would be nice to see a movie with some friends so I got on the phone and started calling around (most of my friends who live in SLC are single). Call after call, it was the same thing-they already had plans (hot date, dinner, party, etc.). I realized that as much as I hated going to parties as a single person, it was nice to have a party to go to.

This entry really has no point except to say that married people need friends too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Highlights & Lowlights of 2007

2007 has been an unforgettable year in so many ways...

April 13th We got hitched!

June 16th Horse Back riding accident

July Found out BabyRoos was cookin' in the oven

August 19th HeRoos took his last final at the University of Utah (for now)

October 1st SheRoos returned to work, part-time, as an ESL teacher/Teacher Specialist

December 1-8 Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

In the meantime we've been preparing ourselves for parenthood, spending time with our families & friends and enjoying married life. This year has been full of ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I feel so fortunate to have great people in my life. Friends who I haven't seen in months or even years have a special place in my heart. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Pizza Making Party!

HeRoos and I love to get together with friends. We had a great time at our Pizza Making Party! We did some research and had some trial runs to find just the right recipes for dough and sauces. HeRoos discovered a tasty marina sauce and California Pizza Kitchen's dough online.

Our friends brought various toppings and everyone made a personal pan pizza. I made my favorite, a barbecue chicken pizza (like CPK's), and it was delicious. There were so many options to choose from. Good food, good friends...does it get any better than this?!