Saturday, January 30, 2010


Did anyone else see the episode of the Doctor's when they went to Haiti to provide service after the horrific earthquake? It brought tears to my eyes and I tried explaining to MB why I was crying. His innocent face & curious eyes caused me to cry even more. I wanted so badly to scoop him into my arms and hold him like a baby again.

I cannot even begin to imagine what the people of Haiti must be going through. I pray for them. I pray for the people who are serving them. I pray for peace to be their companion as they endure. There is a loving God who is aware of them, every single one of them.

Someday HeRoos and I want to adopt. When I heard about the Haitian orphans and saw their beautiful brown eyes and dark skin, a part of me wondered if we could open our hearts and home to them. As quickly as the thought entered my mind, another replaced it, "There is a time and a season for everything." I know that now is not that time nor season in our life. I pray that when it is, our family will be prepared.

Yellow Means Caution

It has been years since I've been downhill skiing. That's really sad since we live so close to the "Greatest Snow On Earth." We decided it was time to lift our spirits and get high enough to see blue sky.

My brother, Jer, prefers snowboarding.

My brother and his Yellow Puffer Sister.

The Yellow Puffer & HeRoos. It's a good thing I didn't look at these pictures until we got home or I may have frozen due to shedding the Yellow Puffer coat. I should have known I was an eye sore when the ski lift guy said he'd look out for the yellow coat to slow down down the lift next time I approached. That was after I caused my brother to fall of the lift then the next time I fell and they had to stop the lift. Ooops, it's been a while.

It was a fun day, sore muscles and all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Mermaid

ZoZo is a peeing machine. She saturated her clothes and needed a bath at her grandparents. She fit quite nicely in the sink.

I love how clean babies smell after a bath. This picture is proof that my kids do have a mom and just not a dad. I am usually the one taking the pictures and rarely in them. Yes, my hair color is another shade of red. I don't know what changes more often- my hair color or the paint on my walls.


How else would MB know that he can drink milk from the carton?

HeRoos, you're in BIG trouble! I thought your bachelor bad habits were over.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Entering the Terrible Two's

Since the blog is our baby book/family history, I thought I should post some pictures of MB entering the "Terrible Two" stage.

He puts his matchbox cars in his onsies and pajamas. When I change his clothes I find hidden treasures. Maybe he's tired of being a light weight and is trying to put on some extra pounds.

He'll try least once.

MB likes to talk to his Grandma GG (a.k.a. Grandma Reta) on the phone. Well he likes to listen and make grandma do all the talking. When I attempt to take the phone away, he runs to a different part of the house. I have to hand it to GG- she can carry on a one sided conversation for a very long time.

He also likes her in person.

Mr. Boy LOVES water. When I cook, I let him play in the sink with the tap barely turned on. He can't get enough of it and it keeps him occupied while I cook or clean. MB turned ZoZo's Dr. Brown's bottle parts into a drinking fountain. Pretty ingenious.

He is not afraid of heights. We haven't decided if this is a good or a bad thing.

If Mr. Boy does not like what he is wearing, he takes it off.

Every time we're at GG and Pops' house, he insists that they set up this little table and all four chairs just for him (the other two chairs are on their way).

This photo is misleading. He HATES getting his hair cut. I usually end up sitting in the chair, holding him on my lap & holding him as still as possible while he screams, kicks, and twists. If his hair looked good long, I would let it grow but unfortunately it doesn't so instead we have to subject innocent hair stylist to this torture.

He is stubborn, determined, a pain in the behind, funny, and lovable all at the same time. I really hope I can enjoy this stage instead of wishing away the Terrible Twos. I better get myself to bed so I can laugh instead of cry when he does what he does.

Nice Plaid

I couldn't help myself. This opportunity was priceless. MB enjoying every second of making cookies with his Dad and me enjoying every second of HeRoos' sexy outfit.

p.s. don't worry, I would never allow him to leave the house like that. :)

Shhh, he doesn't know I took this picture of more plaid.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tired Boy

His newly discovered independence is exhausting.

He wanted to play & splash in the tub for 45 minutes this morning. Fine.
Mr. Boy wanted to wear his Halloween shirt today. Fine.
He wanted to put medicine on his burn by himself. Fine.
He wanted to play on our freshly made bed. Fine.

While he was turning on the lamps and the baby monitor, I decided to check my e-mail. I heard the baby monitor beeping very loudly because it was on the wrong channel and I assumed he was still playing with it.

When I went in our bedroom,this is what I found. Better than Fine, it's only 11 am.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rice Cereal for Zo

Risky Business

This is Mr. Boy's impersonation of Tom Cruise (minus the singing and dancing).

Friday, January 8, 2010

We'll Miss You Grandpa Charlie!

HeRoos' grandpa passed away. We are glad he didn't suffer long. It will be a wonderful reunion for he and Maida (his wife of 58 years). Below is his obituary.

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Sharon.

Charles Anders "Charlie" Roos, 86, of Idaho Falls, died Dec. 28, 2009, at his home.

Charlie was born Dec. 19, 1923, in Green River, Wyo., where his father worked on the railroad. His parents, August Roase (Gus) Roos and Nellie Luella Randall Roos, bought and operated Star Valley Ranch. He and his sisters, Alta, Verla and Mathel attended schools in Cokeville. After the crash of 1929, the banks closed and his Dad lost his money. They moved to Freedom, Wyo., and later to Goshen. After graduating from Firth High School, he went to college in Logan, Utah.

On July 28, 1943, he married his high school sweetheart, Maida Johnson, in the Logan, Utah, LDS Temple. On Aug. 22, 1945, Charlie was drafted into the U.S. Army and served in field artillery in the Philippines and as company mess sergeant in Korea. He was discharged Aug. 8, 1946. Charlie returned home to farming and for 50 years was a truck driver for Sam Bennion, Clark Concrete, and for 30 years drove for H-K Contractors hauling heavy equipment. He retired in 1989. After retirement, he and Maida bought a trailer and enjoyed traveling. Maida died Nov. 18, 2001. Charlie was always restless to get things done now. He got up early each morning, anxious to begin the day. He was always happy to help his friends and neighbors.

An active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Charlie held many positions in Scouting, Elders Quorum, ward mission leader, Seventies president, High Priest group leader, executive secretary, single adult representative and as bishop of the Poitevin Park Ward for six years.

He married Sharon Fowler Jackson in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple on April 26, 2003. They enjoyed traveling and sharing their lives together.

Charlie is survived by Sharon; sons, Vinn (Trudy) Roos of West Valley, Utah, and Raeo (Cheryl) Roos and Danny (Laura) Roos, both of Idaho Falls; 15 grandchildren; 42 great-grandchildren; sister, Alta Barber of Salt Lake City; stepchildren, Brent (Susan) Jackson and Chris (Debi) Jackson, both of Idaho Falls, Nancy (Scott) Widney of Provo, Utah, Brian (Khris) Jackson of Phoenix, LeAnn (Nathan) Vance of Tacoma, Wash., Brad (Taryn) Jackson and Kelly (Shanda) Jackson, both of Boise, and Tom (Angela) Jackson of Twin Falls; 18 step-grandchildren; and two step-great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Maida; and two sisters.

The family wishes to thank Hands of Hope Hospice for their loving care of Charlie in his final days.

Natural Consequence

This is what happens when little boys and not so little girls don't listen.

I LOVE our fireplace. HeRoos has been opposed to using it because he was afraid Mr. Boy would get burned. I've been warning Mr. Boy before he could even crawl that the fireplace is DANGER. I thought he would never touch it even when it was off because of how forceful we've been about this warning. Obviously, I was wrong.

If you've ever had a burn, you know the throbbing sensation MB experienced. I felt so bad for him. He kept his hand in a cup of water all night and we let him have whatever he wanted. He watched way too much TV, ate whatever he wanted, stayed up past his bedtime, and even slept in our bed. He fell asleep on HeRoos' chest with his hand in a cup of water. He's doing much better & is very careful to not use his hand.

This weekend we're headed to Lowe's to get a fireplace guard.