Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cowgirl Wanna Be

It was the annual Box Elder County Fair. I was amazed at how delicious the food was and how reasonable the prices were. There is something a little strange about admiring livestock and then eating a big, juicy hamburger, fried chicken or pork sandwich.

I just tried to tune out the smells as I chomped down on my burger.

Then we kicked our boots around on the dance floor. BM enjoyed the tunes as he was snuggled between us. HeRoos dropped the camera just as we were trying to record my mom and dad really tearing up the dance floor.

My cousin and her husband also rocked their baby to sleep while she sloshed around in Destiny's tummy.

BM and his mom REALLY want a floppy eared bunny. There was a sign that said they can be trained to use a litter box. How cool is that! HeRoos and I can't find middle ground with cats and dogs but I'm working on him for a bunny! Probably my most very favorite part of the evening was riding the bull! I've always wanted to try- I'm a wanna be cowgirl. It was a riot!


Anonymous said...

You ride em-cowgirl!!Now you can brag to your friends and tell them you rode a bull!!(They don't have to know it wasn't in the rodeo.) It was a fun time @ the fair w/you guys.Beautiful pics of the animals (human ones included.)Mommy-hood hasn't taken the "thrill- seeker out of you.Love, G.R.

Jamie said...

I'm officially homesick! What a fun way to spend the weekend. I would have paid good money to watch you ride the bull.

The One In Charge said...

Wow, I'm sure heroos enjoyed THAT show!

The Idahoans said...

It was so fun to see you guys! I love how adventurous and fun you are! BM was so good- he enjoyed dancing too- what a cutie! Thanks for doing the videoclip can you send it to .

Mike and Gin said...

Has BM found his favorite outfit??? Seems like the "uniform" for going out! But it is really CUTE!

See Ya SOON!

Tandy said...

I can't believe how fun and cute you are! I'm not sure I would get on a bull these days! But I guess I should think about it, huh? Your baby is adorable! I've only taken Lexi to a fair... my poor, deprived children!