Thursday, August 14, 2008


We're big fans of Redbox. I love that we can rent movies for $1! We usually end up paying more because it takes us a while to get around to watching a movie or we forget to turn it in the next day. HeRoos and I have very different taste in movies so we usually take turns picking them out.

We rented "Bella" and had no idea what to expect. Both of us really liked it! It was clean, a little sad at times, and a good, solid story line (something we've been yearning for). If you rent it, be sure to watch Behind the Scenes. It seems like the directors and actors share a common thread that is rare these days-integrity.


nymanzanita said...

I liked Bella too....It was a cute story!

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember "Underroos" underwear. You owned a pair that sported a picture of the TV star "Wonder woman" and your brother's had a picture of the character of "Super Man". You were very cute in them. Too bad they don't make in adult sizes now. I think you and your bro have earned the right to wear them(Also your spouses need a good laugh!!) Love, G.R.