Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going Back to Cali, back to Cali...

We had a great time on our trip to California. BM had a lot of firsts.

His first:

time on an airplane.

visit to the zoo.

bottle of formula (except for when he was brand new in the hospital) .

ride in a convertible.

ride in a van.

time at the beach.

visit to Magic Mountain.


When we flew into San Diego, the lady at the car rental asked if we wanted a convertible. Without thinking, we said yes. As we were loading two small pieces of luggage and the huge stroller, we quickly learned this wasn't the brightest idea. We made them fit and headed to our hotel.

We met up with our good friend, KT and drove to Coronado for dinner. This was BM's most difficult time of the whole trip and it happened to be the nicest restaurant we ate at. We took turns carrying him around the block while the other two ate. The people probably thought HeRoos had two wives.


The Roos' headed off to the San Diego Zoo. The food was delicious! We had cotton candy, nachos, and a hamburger. That zoo has some major hills so we justified our splurges!

We met up my college friend and her boyfriend for a Mexican dinner in Old Town. We did a speed walk from our hotel to the restaurant and arrived dripping with sweat. The company and food were great.

Later that evening, KT took us to Extraordinary Desserts. We took the treats to the beach and savored the decadent sweets while laughing and watching the ocean waves.


We went to the Midway Navy ship. Can you guess whose idea this was? HeRoos loved every minute of it. He is definitely the history guru of our family.

Then we hopped in our convertible and started toward Moorpark. As we were driving, a car drove up beside us and told us there was a problem with our bumper. We took the next exit and examined it. A screw was loose on the bumper and with the wind blowing, it was pulling it so we drove to the nearest Budget car rental. The guy working was not the friendliest to say the least but he did manage to get a van for us. The story of our lives... from convertible to mini van in 30 minutes!

We arrived in Moorpark and had a barbecue with the Benson's.


HeRoos hit golf balls at the local driving range. Jaime and I got pedicures and went to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's. I love their chocolate! AND I realized that I left my wallet in the convertible that was in Huntington Beach. Fortunately, a very nice friend who lives there picked it up and is mailing it. Another good thing- I happened to give HeRoos my driver's license earlier. Without it, I wouldn't be able to fly.

Then we headed off to Six Flags at Magic Mountain. HeRoos and I went on as many roller coasters as our stomachs could handle while Jaime hung out with BM and Kate. My head and neck reminded me that I'm too old for that stuff so we stuck to the water rides. Jaime even decided to go on the Log Jammer.

When we arrived back at Jaime's, I was still wet so HeRoos and I headed to the pool and hot tub.


Morning arrived way too early. Our alarm went off at 4:30 am. We turned in our rental van at the LAX airport and guess what... yep, there was a small dent in the bumper. We didn't have good luck with rental vehicles.

BM was on his best behavior for the trip. He must have known this was a trial run and he proved to us that he can handle our trip next month.


The One In Charge said...

Glad you had a good time.

Jamie said...

What a fun trip! I'm super jealous - especially over your Trader Joe's visit. I miss that place!

The One said...

Is that a funnel cake you are holding in the last shot? Man, I want one of those. Hopefully the car seat worked out for you. Glad you are all back and had a good time.

The One said...
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The Idahoans said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Where are you going next month?

monica said...

BM has beautiful big eyes. I love them! Sounds like a great trip! I love your observation "convertible to mini van". Sometimes it feels that way, right?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all had fun. Traveling with a baby is a whole new adventure. You are so lucky to have wonderful girlfriends.(I know "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!) You have the whole package Wonderful husband, darling baby . and great friends!! By the way what was that dessert pictured? It looked sumptious. Was it legal???
Love, G.R.

Mary said...

It is great to see my beautiful college roomies and their adorable babies!