Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Weekend

We joined my parents, brother and his family at an Ogden Raptor baseball game on Friday night. The game was looong but I was completely entertained with the kids. We were sitting within feet of the Missoula team. Their conversation was definitely not "G" rated. It's a good thing the kids haven't developed easve dropping skills yet.
I hope my sister in law writes a post (Halhouse) about the missing hair bow. It is too funny but not my story to tell.

BM and Grandpa Bob

My brother and Peanut

Grandma Reta & Grandpa Bob

The church stake that my parents attend, sure know how to party. In the morning, they had a golf tournament and in the evening, they rented out the local pool and had a barbecue. It appealed to all ages. We had a fun time and didn't want it to end.

BM's first time in a swimsuit. Isn't he a cute, white, chubby bald man!

If you look really close, you can see Peanut coming out of the slide and G.R. waiting for him. I'm in the blue bikini on the left. I changed my hair color for the day and my exercise program is really working. :)

G.R. and Walnut

Read the sign above my head. Seriously, who leaves the water for "Number 1?" Number 2 is a whole different story!

Uncle & Aunt SheRoos with Peanut and Walnut

The fun weekend ended at the Halhouse. We enjoyed their new deck and BM finally got a decent hair cut. Clippers work a lot better than scissors.


Jamie said...

I swear MB gets cuter every time I see a new picture of him. My favorite is the little old man at the pool.

nymanzanita said...

Your little guy is SOOOO handsome. He has the cutest face!

Mike and Gin said...

Wow what fun! Your little man is growing, I like his swimsuit and his little baby belly overflowing just a little bit! I can't wait to see him(and his mommy & daddy)in Sept.!

The one in charge said...

Love the post, but next time make the pictures bigger, your pictures are too good to shrink!

TorreyandGreg said...

what a fun weekend! i love your darling family. you are hot in your bikini... hope you had a nice wizz in the pool. how i love you.

Brittany said...

Looks like fun!! Hey what Diet Program are you on? You look good in a Bikini!!!!! (lol) You are so funny. You look good and Cute the way you are :) WOW!!!! That is the only thing that comes to mind when I saw BM on his towel!! He looks so BIG!!! He looks like a little old man!!! Where is that sweater?! Just kidding! Your baby is cute!! Glad you had fun!

The Idahoans said...

We went to the Raptors game too, I didn't realize you guys were there too. We saw your mom & dad, Jereamy, Melanie and the kids. To bad we didn't see you guys. Cute pictures.

Shauna said...

Looks like great fun!