Sunday, August 3, 2008

BM Turned Over a New Leaf

Remember my very fussy baby? Well, no more! BM started rolling from his tummy to his back last Friday and ever since, he's been a new baby. It's a good thing too because there have been a few occasions that I was tempted to call the Stork and ask for a refund. :) He still has his moments but now they're "moments" and not hours.

Tummy Time is one of those "moments" so you're going to hear him screaming.

He has also been losing his soft, thick hair but only in the front (from the ears forward). We took matters into our own hands and cut the hair in back. It's only a slight improvement but it's challenging to cut a baby's hair while they're awake and squirming so I cut it while he was feeding. Not the best angle.

Stay tuned for an after picture.


The One said...

Oh that hair is awesome. I need to take a picture of Jake's hair so you can see how weird this one patch is. I love the video. It was nothing but pure rage that rolled him over I tell ya. :)

Brittany said...

OH!!!! He is so cute!!! He is growing so fast!!!!! We were just talking about him the other day!! (in a good way <=) WE were saying that he used to be so tiny and a good hefty 5 pounds! He is still as cute as ever!!!! CAn't wait to see him agian soon!!!

Hey any word on Zenda?

Anonymous said...

I'd worry if he was a dog I'd think he had some mangey disease. His hair reminds me of Gramps B.But his will grow back. Gramps B. doesn't have a prayer that his will. I love BM. I'm so glad that the stork didn't answer his pager the day you thought about a refund.That's awsome BM has found new freedom w/his rolling over maneuvers. To channel the energy w/the tummy time put him in water tell him to close his mouth and I'm betting he will be swimming and loving it. Love, G.R.

Jen said...

Awesome! Although there's nothing like a baby mullett, it's probably different when it's your own child! thanks for giving me stuff to look forward to!

megan said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you!

As I'm quickly learning, nothing makes me feel more powerless than when my baby cries and I can't seem to comfort her.

The Leo said...

Wow, nice hatchet job.

The one in charge said...

What have you done to that poor child's hair? Good thing he's cute enough, people won't even notice the baby's balding.