Sunday, March 23, 2008

Go Green!

Yesterday we went to HeRoos' family's annual Easter party. We had a nice time eating, catching up with family, and hunting for Easter eggs. Each child in the family has a color that they grew up with and everyone knew it was "their color."

Coming from a family of six kids, this was a great way to limit the number of cups used. If a yellow cup was left out, they knew who it belonged to. HeRoos' color is green. (I think of hunter green as being a "bachelor" color. Before we were married, HeRoos' cupboards were pretty much empty except for green, plastic plates & bowls and green towels).

Every year, HeRoos searches for the green Easter eggs. Each person gets to look for 15 plastic eggs filled with candy. HeRoos' parents were easy on us and didn't add the extra 15 on for Max so we found all 30 of our eggs. If it would've been a race, we would've been at a disadvantage since green is camouflaged with the grass and shrubbery. I love this tradition and look forward to our family attending every year.

Side note: We are definitely amateur parents... Everything seems to take so much more time with a baby so we're learning to give ourselves at least 30 extra minutes to get ready. We thought we were prepared for our day at the grandparents until...Max wet his diaper AND his clothes. We didn't have a change of clothes so poor Max was Tarzan for the day. We kept him swaddled in a blanket until it came to put him in his car seat. When we got home, the little guy had the car seat strap clip, Graco, imprinted in his chest. We learned our lesson-today we're headed to the other grandparents with 5 changes of clothes in the diaper bag.


nymanzanita said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. The color deal is a really clever idea that I had never heard of before. Little Max sure is cute!

Denise Pettley said...

I love the color idea! My Wyatt already loves green, so that one is a given with him. I know about the timing thing! No matter how much time you give yourself, something happens, usually a diaper blowout, to set you back. And ALWAYS have a couple extra outfits!! Max looks darling!

Anonymous said...

Aren't family traditions great? The egg/cup color thing is a terrific idea. Little Max is beautiful. He is a clone of his daddy. Hope you're all doing well. I love your blog. The photos made me smile big time.
Aunt Beaner

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Max is enviromentally friendly. I have noticed that going green is really being pushed by major marketing companies. (Everything from recyling, to earth friendly natural cleaning products.) Don't worry I don't think they are requiring parents to use fig leafs to replace the disposable diapers yet!! Sounds like it was a fun Easter egg hunt. Yes I'll bet it would be challenging to find green eggs disquised in green grass.I love little itty bitty Max.

Gin & Mike said...

Awwww... what a great tradition!

megan said...

He's adorable! I can't believe how little he is! I'm excited to meet Max!

Anonymous said...

Cutest baby in the entire universe.
Almost, my grandchildren are cuter, but not by much.
Love La Donna
P.S. What is his middle name?

Monica said...

He is so cute! Congratulations! Your blog is so fun to read.