Saturday, March 8, 2008

What’s In a Name?

HeRoos and I instantly agreed on what to name our firstborn boy. I really like the name Max and it reminds me of two of my cousins who are brothers, Matt & Dax. Between the two of them, they are smart, creative, kind, funny, motivated, friendly, handsome, spiritual and natural born leaders. If you take the M from Matt’s name, the A from both of their names, and the X from Dax’s name, you have MAX.



HeRoos felt that the name Max needed a little more “umph,” (especially when he’s in trouble or an adult) so I consented to give him a two-syllable name, Maxwell.


His middle name, Robert, is after one of the greatest men I’ve ever known-my dad. My dad is generous, kind, strong, thoughtful, smart, and responsible and service oriented. He has been such an outstanding father to my brother and me. He is a very involved and loving grandfather to the grand kids he already has.

If Max grows up to possess even half the qualities that these three men and his daddy, HeRoos, have he will be an amazing person. I hope and pray that I can do everything I need to as a mother to help Maxwell Robert live up to his name.


The one in charge said...

Nice. It's is really the perfect name.

Tristie said...

Cool! That is a great boy name. Now in the McD fam we will have Dax, Matt, Mack, Jack and Max! Wa-hoo! Best of luck in the coming days and weeks~ love Tristie

nymanzanita said...

Very nice choice in a name for your little guy! I dont know Matt or Dax but I do know your Dad and he is wonderful. He has always been so genuine and kind to me when I have visited your parents place and he really made my visit there with Jose special. I think that little Max will be a pretty incredible boy if he takes after his daddy and grandpa. Am I right or am I right?

KT said...

Love the name and I think the two of you will be fabulous parents. So excited to meet Max. Hurry up and get here already!!!

TorreyandGreg said...

great name! so excited for you guys. drop him already, will ya?