Thursday, March 6, 2008

Massage Heaven

Najah has been one of my very best friends for over 15 years. Both of us were new to Utah and Davis High School. We've been through just about everything together and it has been interesting to see how parallel our life experiences have been.

Najah is the friend that gives me the wake up call when I need it-she'll tell me what I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it. A couple months ago, we were feeling in need of a spiritual lift so we decided to challenge each other to read our scriptures every day. We are both motivated by incentives-I got my prize today!

She is a massage therapist, and one of the very best. I'm not just saying that because she was my Maid of Honor, Tiger Woods even said so! She works at Grand America Hotel & Four Winds Healing Arts Center (and used to work for Stein Eriksen). Today, she brought her massage table to my house and worked my tired, sore muscles over. I was in Heaven and didn't want the session to end. Now I'm completely relaxed and still inhaling the revitalizing massage oils.

If anyone wants a great massage, I highly recommend her. If you tell her that you're a friend of mine, she'll give you a "friend discount" of $60. You can go to Four Winds or she can bring her table to your house (depending on where you live). Her digits are #(801)347-9324.

We're trying to keep each other in line so we have a new challenge-this time we are going to read at least one chapter from the Book of Mormon every day until we're done. When I'm tired and just want to go to sleep without reading, I'll remember how great my massage was.


nymanzanita said...

Oooooh....I wish I lived closer. Can Najah take her massage bed on a plane next time she comes to NY to visit her family? Ha! I am glad that you were able to relax and rejuvinate with your massage...I am sure that Najah is amazing! Now, get ready and deliver us a little bundle....I am growing impatient... :)!

nymanzanita said...

I didnt even mention that I think it is awesome that you both keep eachother motivated to read the scriptures, etc. Isnt it great to have good friends that help us do good things and help us be better people? I kind of miss that out here...not too many strong members around my age. Anyway...I guess that gives me my own challenge....member missionary work...find new people to bring into the church!

Denise Pettley said...

So... you got a special PREGO massage! That sounds splendid right now, especially knowing how you are feeling. I may just give her a call! Then she could also share some dirt on you from long ago!

TorreyandGreg said...

mmmm i love me some najah. your post made me miss najah ... and you of course. how's the mucus plug?