Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Food, Family, Fun

On Saturday, my sister-in-law threw HeRoos and I a wonderful baby shower. We had a great time being around our relatives and family friends. People drove from all around Utah and Idaho to celebrate with us. Between my sister-in-law, her mom, and my mom; there was enough food to quench every one's taste buds and leave our tummies quite content.

BabyRoos is one lucky guy! He will be covered in head-to-toe with the cutest clothes and blankets. HeRoos and I love looking at all the adorable baby things that people have given us. We keep telling each other how lucky we are to know such thoughtful and kind people.

BabyRoos' nursery is almost ready for his arrival. It has been a slow process trying to figure out what to do with it but it seems to be coming together. The only thing missing is him! We are getting very anxious to meet him. It will be nice to see his little feet instead of feel them in my ribs and I think my back will also be quite relieved. We'll find out more tomorrow at my doctor appointment if I'm on track for being induced next Tuesday.


Spackmans said...

It was great to see you on Saturday. We are blessed to have such a great family- and I am blessed to have a great cousin like you. I am excited to meet babyroos!

nymanzanita said...

How exciting! He will be here before you know it! You'll have to take a pic of Max's room now that it is getting filled up so that those of us who are far away can see it. I am excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Yes we do have wonderful friends and relatives. We are very blessed. I was worried that not many people would show up. Yes baby Max is a very lucky little boy. He will have plenty of darling little clothes to be changed into when he spits up !!It will be exciting to meet him. I hope the stork flys fast and brings him to you and HeRoos soon.
Love, Anticipating G.R.

Anonymous said...

Love the purse. It is very cute. I am glad you bought it. Us girls have to spoil ourselves occasionally .Especially if we find something we are crazy about.It's nice to have no regrets.Finding the right purse is almost (not quite) as hard as finding the right man. Love,G.R.

Jen said...

It is me! You're so pregnant! I'm pregnant too, but only 3 months! After we get back from our trip to Italy, I plan to post some pictures and TRY to keep up on my blog! It's great to see you so happy and I hope I look as cute as you as my pregnancy progresses (right now I just look chubby :()