Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gateway Fun

Last week some of my friends from college were passing through on their way to a family reunion. We met up at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch (which is one of my all time favorite restaurants). Their girls are so cute! They have a blond, brunette, and red-head. Compared to the Arizona heat, they thought the weather was great.


Brittany said...

Fun Fun! Max looks so put out that he had to stay under his umbrella stroller. He wants to get wet!! just kidding. Looks fun

nymanzanita said...

I remember meeting your friends at your wedding.....their girls are super cute and I love their hair. Is Gateway where we went for the "girls night out" dinner before the wedding?

Mary said...

Wow, the Powells, Darren, BM, and you all in one picture! I love it.