Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Congratulations UVU

Monday night, HeRoos and I met up with KT & Matt for some Happy Valley celebrations. Collin Raye, Josh Gracin & Joe Nichols preformed to celebrate Utah Valley School College making the transition to Utah Valley University. Quite the crowd showed up and the baseball field was swarmimg with people.

We thought we scored with our lawn seats until we sat down and realized there was a HUGE pole right in front of us. We weren't bothered enough to find a new place. Who watches the performers anyway when there is people watching to be done and card playing? By the way KT & Matt, I'm still going to beat you at UNO (my game wasn't on that night).

As we were making the long trek back to our cars, there was a steep hill calling out our names. KT and I got in position and rolled down the hill. We both have bumps and bruises to prove it. Then the "boys" tried drenching us with the sprinklers as we climbed the wet, slippery hills. I felt like a free 12 year old again!

We eventually picked up our sleeping baby. Thanks Brittney and Tiffany for letting us get away for the evening. BM had a great time and wants to visit again soon (crying & screaming was his way of trying to tell you that).


Brittany said...

Haha! I am not sure if I liked his tone of voice with us though.. Just kidding. Ya It was super fun! Everyone in the neighborhood loved him and asked if it was a grandbaby to my mom. It was pretty funny.
P.S. That picture of me was no good!! Now the max part of the picture was but not the whole me thing.

Anonymous said...

We love Max and he can come anytime.