Thursday, July 24, 2008


After publishing my last entry, I walked outside to see how HeRoos was faring with the yard work and I smelled fireworks. I love that smell. We decided to check out the fireworks celebrating Pioneer Day. We walked across the street, to the park, with baby monitor in hand. HeRoos wanted a better view so we walked back to our house, climbed out the window and onto the roof. Scary! It was a great reminder that I really do value my life.

We could see fireworks from all over the valley. We couldn't capture the fireworks with our camera but they were all around us.

Yes, I'm barefoot and a little wary of heights.

I thought HeRoos was comfortable on top of the roof until I asked him and he admitted that he didn't feel the safest as he kept sliding in his slick shorts. It's funny how being a parent can change your fear factor.

We moved down lower, near the window that we climbed out of. We peaked at BM through his window and he was sleeping away. The fireworks didn't seem to phase him.

As we were admiring the explosions surrounding us tonight, I did a little reminiscing. On Pioneer Day in 2006, HeRoos and I had our first real conversation. We were sharing the same blanket at a firework display in Liberty Park. As I walked back to the vehicle with my friends, I remember telling them, "I like that Rick guy and want to get to know him better."

A year later, I was sharing a blanket with "that Rick guy" watching fireworks. I remember that 4th of July night well (as much as possible considering all the pain medication I was on). I was recovering from an accident and was disappointed that we would be missing all the fun. At the last minute, we decided to walk across the street to the park. With much assistance from HeRoos we finally made it. After admiring the fireworks for a while, we realized why we were the only people enjoying the great view. The sprinklers turned on! HeRoos started running and then remembered that his gimp wife could not move without his assistance. He ran back and helped me wobble to safety. It was one of my favorite 4th of July's ever! We couldn't get the camera just right. Aren't you glad. :)


KT said...

aww! thanks for sharing your fun little escapades and memories. gives the single kids motivation to keep trucking on :)

nymanzanita said...

What a fun night you had! I cant believe that you were up on the very peak of the house...I wouldnt have even had that courage to have get past the window. Time sure goes by fast...I remember a conversation with you last year where you told me about walking around outside in pain to see the fireworks. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. Aren't you thrill-seekers climbing on your roof to view them. Just a reminder that you are PARENTS now to B.M. and "Extreme" Sports is no longer an option for you two!!! So thankful a year has past and you have recovered from your horse-back riding accident and you and HeRoos have B.M. Are fireworks a aphrodisiac for you guys ???? Love, G>R.

porterpies said...

You guys are a cute couple!