Monday, November 3, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Eye

I have designated myself to be the Neighborhood Watch Eye. I even pulled out the binoculars. No people, it's not to snoop on my neighbors. Rumor has it that there was a mountain lion spotted on the mountain near our home. Scary! As I was on watch today, I spotted three deer. Maybe, they'll take it for the team (do they consider me on the same team since I've never hunted before???).


The Leo said...

Mountain lions?! Oh, deer!! Ha ha ha. I just can't get over how funny I am sometimes . . . Speaking of deer, though, my sister and I were driving in Raleigh and we saw a small herd of about 5 deer cross the road in front of us and get this, one of them was albino. That was a first for me. As for mountain lions--GO COUGARS!

Jenny said...

I could tell that the baby was a skunk Dad's are totally clueless but yeah I agree on the tights thing, this is probably the last year you can get away with that! He's a cutie! Scary about the mountain lion be safe. Love ya