Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Utes!

HeRoos has been 'under the weather' lately. Whatever he has will go away for a couple days and then come back. I don't like my man to be sick. He is a much better nurse/doctor than I am.

Even with him being sick, we couldn't pass up our chance to cheer on the Utes against TCU. HeRoos' brother gave us tickets and his sister babysat BM. We hiked up the insanely steep hill, froze our buns off, and endured annoying fans but the last three minutes of the game made it all worth it.

Can you tell that most of the fans are wearing black? I'm still not quite sure why- maybe black out symbolizing the game not being televised on local channels, a way to sell more paraphernalia, or a threatening statement. Regardless of the reason, it was an awesome sight and the football players looked great in their black and red uniforms.

(NO, HeRoos is not copping a feel. His hands were numb and I was wearing many layers)
Instead, notice the fans rushing the field after the game. The energy in the stadium was undeniable.

Check out the score board behind HeRoos and Grandpa V. Way to go Utes!


nymanzanita said...

Looks fun but VERY cold! Glad you had a nice time....

Meridee McDermott said...

Looks like fun Jennie! Just wanted to say that whatever it is going around - Cody has had it too.
And one of our guys at work - he went to the Dr. and was told it is a virus going around. Cody still has bouts but they are farther between now. I love your blog. Love, Meridee