Friday, November 7, 2008

Attack of the Fruit Flies

Our house is hosting a fruit fly convention and I want the party to end pronto! I called my mom and asked her how to get rid of them. Her response was simple, "Throw away your fruit." I followed her advice and they're still around. I even rolled up a magazine and had a killing frenzy (with not too much guilt). For every fly I swatted, five more emerged. I found a few dead in a swimming pool of orange juice. I can't even leave spoons out while cooking. They make my skin crawl. Help!


nymanzanita said...

Yuck....I hate those darn fruit flies too! Not too sure what to suggest...I usually get them to go away when I toss the fruit...hope you get them to stop buzzing around soon.

Mike and Gin said...

Put out some vinegar in a bottle, something they can climb into but have a hard time getting out of. They love the smell and will end up drowning in it. Yummy! Not!

Anonymous said...

I read to get rid of fruit flies put vinegar in a cup add some dish -washing soap (like Dawn) and mix together and that will be their last swimming party in your house. Good luck !! Ihope it works. Love, G.R.