Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paid Advertising Addict

Hi, my name is SheRoos and I'm an addict. An info-commercial junkie to be exact. When flipping through television channels I instantly get sucked in to the world of paid advertising. I tell myself that it's OK to watch for 5 minutes but DO NOT buy. Well, the truth is... I've been suckered more than a couple times. 6 to be exact:

1) Proactiv- this product was seriously an answered prayer to my adult stricken, acne, face. I still use it on occasion when I break out & HeRoos also uses it. Sometimes I wonder if I should buy stock in the company.

2) Bare Mineral Makeup- I ended up giving this away because I didn't like the mess when I mixed it.

3)some work out program that I can't remember the name of- obviously I was under some crazy idea that I would actually work out to videos at home. The day it arrived, reality set in and I returned it for a refund.

4)The Magic Bullet- I L-O-V-E my bullet. HeRoos & I use it at least once a day. It's awesome for Green Smoothies on the go. I've gone through 3 of them because we use them so much. My favorite part is that I can just toss the cups & blades in the dishwasher without dealing with a mess. We're saving for a "fancier" blender but I just may cry when it's time to say good-bye.

5) Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci- I ordered this years ago ran out of the products but I still use the resurfacing tool. I'm still waiting for the day when I look in the mirror and see Susan Lucci smiling back at me.

6)Wen- my latest purchase. It has only been a couple weeks but I must admit, I like how soft my hair feels. I'm undecided if I will continue with it but so far it's a keeper.

My latest temptation that I'm fighting hard to resist... the Genie bra. A bra with no under wire & it claims to cut down on back fat AND overflow on the top AND it lifts?! Bring it on! What girl doesn't want a genie to make her wishes come true?


Jamie said...

I'm with you on the Bullet love mine. I gave up on Bare Minerals it made me face patchy - but I love Jane Iredale which is similar but comes in a pancake instead of loose - less mess.

Vicki said...

Too funny! You have broken the taboo by admitting you buy that stuff! We've all been there, done that.

Lisa & Aukuso said...

BUY THE GENIE! Then report to the rest of us who would LOVE all of those problems to be resolved.

I don't buy gadgets, but I have bought some CD's and have my eye on another set...

The One said...

I bought Pajama Jeans. They're awesome. I wore them almost everyday in February. I know it's not right, but I'm not ashamed. I also bought Bump It's. Not awesome at all. I also vote that you buy a Genie Bra.

Just Julie said...

Oh my gosh I just watched the Wen infomercial last week and wanted to get it!

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Okay friends, I must update you... Wen didn't work magic on my hair so I stopped ordering it and a BIG BOO to the Genie Bra. The bras were a big disappointment (dang it!) and the customer service was horrible about refunding my money. I had to keep calling back. It was so frustrating. I think I'll stick to stores for a while.