Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes, I have been a BIG blog slacker. I haven't blogged or read blogs in ages. It's time I get caught up. We're doing well here. I am definitely ready for spring but we've survived the long winter and made the best of it. I finally joined a gym because it's a little distracting to run on the treadmill while kids are screaming at the gate for me. Instead of looking hotter & having more energy, it's just the opposite- I'm always hungry & tired. Hopefully, the benefits will kick in soon.

Here are a few glimpses into the Roos' life over the past couple months.

Mr. Boy has a best buddy & they get into some major trouble together.

They were alone in MB's room for 10 minutes while ZoZo & I unloaded & loaded the dishwasher. The little stinkers emptied every drawer AND a storage container with clothes.

Yep, time for Time Out.

After all that hard work, they were tired.

I've been doing a "Babysitting Swap" with two other ladies & I love it. We each have a day when we watch the kids for 2 hours. That gives us two days (4 hours) a week to get things done without the munchkins. I must admit that it is very nice. It's amazing all the things I've been able to do- a little pampering, clean the house from top to bottom, go to the gym, and shower without screaming children at the door. It has also been great for the kids to get some playtime in and have something to look forward to.

I started adding a little structure to it when they come over. I came up with a schedule and we have "school" for 40 minutes & the rest is free play. It reminded me of how much I enjoy teaching and preparing lessons. One day, we learned all about the letter "M." We had a Mystery Bag with all sorts of objects that started with M, we sang the Monkey song, went on a scavenger hunt to find hidden letter M's, and colored. It's fun thinking of activities for them to do.

ZoZo & my friend's 6 month old baby hang out on my hips while the three older kids do the things 2 year-old's do.

Mr. Boy still amazes me with his healthy food preferences (but we have discovered Cheetos & Doritos are his weakness) which results in this:

This totally cracked me up. I bought sprinkled donuts for them & thought they would think it was the coolest thing ever. Instead they nibbled a bit at the donuts and then went for the apples & cottage cheese.

ZoZo has done a lot of growing up lately. She's not my little baby anymore. She loves stacking & gathering things. She's like a little chipmunk- she gathers toys & objects (sometimes storing them in her mouth) and she does not like to let go of them. She will carry the same items in her hands from morning to night.

She also decided it was time to stop "crawlking" (crawling/walking on her knees) and start walking. It took her almost 18 months but she did it and there's no stopping her. Mr. Boy has decided she's actually kind of fun after all. She is quite feisty and can hold her own in a wrestling match & scowling contest.

These little kiddos of mine tickle me to the core. I love them so much.

HeRoos is amazing as ever. He is still commuting to Lindon,UT for work and doesn't complain although I know him well enough to know that it's wearing on him. As soon as we finish updating the master bathroom, we're going to put our house back on the market (boo hoo). The other day I was thinking about how blessed I am to have such a good husband. He is such an amazing father & supports me in whatever I do. My church calling requires me to be away one night a week and for meetings on Sunday. HeRoos watches the kids without needing any instruction and gives me time to prepare lessons. He even helps out with the housework. Although, he is off the hook with washing clothes after turning 2 loads strange colors. Maybe he did that on purpose. ;)

Life is good and we feel blessed.


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed the darling pictures.I missed your blogg. I am so happy to be a Granny. I will miss you all when you move. But Rick deserves spending more time with his cute family.

Vicki said...

I was wondering abbout you. Now, I can totally remember how it was when I had two toddlers. You're doing fine and so are they -- great to hear from the Roos house again! They are beautiful children.

Jamie said...

I can't believe how much they have grown and changed since I saw them last!

We need to catch up soon.

Rick & Marci said...

Hi Jennie,
It's Marci! I've been trying to get in touch with you. I'm not sure if I have your correct e-mail. I have a question about young womens activity stuff. Call or e-mail me when you can. It was so fun to read your update. Your kids are absolutely darling! Yikes! They are growing so fast.

Life's Great Adventures said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts. Hope to see you soon!!

Grandma Beaner said...

I'll feel so fulfilled now! I've missed hearing about the fun Roos Family. Love your photos and insightful comments. It's all about the journey - - -we can tell from your posts that you know that, too. We loved our special note from you, Jennie. It made our day!!

Kristanne said...

I love your kids. They are so cute. And you are an amazing person. You have done so much for Makae, and I really really REALLY appreciate it. There will be many rewards in heaven for you!!

The Leo said...

This blog gave me warm fuzzies. I love it! That picture of the two boys laying down for nap time is adorable and I can't believe little girl's big blue eyes! Absolutely gorgeous.

trashmaster46 said...

Bunches of cute!

A Place 2 Gather said...

Love love love the post and all the cute pictures. I am especially fond of the three kiddos in the pictures! And that trouble-making twosome are the sweetest, most darling boys. What fun they are.

And I agree with Kris, you my beloved friend have a pot of blessings waiting for you in heaven. You have been a tremendous blessing to the darling daughter of mine. The girls in our ward are very blessed to have you as a leader!