Thursday, September 24, 2009

Driving Lessons for ZoZo

When it comes to child raising, HeRoos and I see eye to eye UNTIL the teenage years. We already disagree on a few things. This conversation is a perfect example of how we both have stereotypes about things. Don't ask why we're discussing something that is 15 years away.

HeRoos: Who is going to teach Zoey to drive?
SheRoos: I don't know. Women are generally more patient so probably me.
HeRoos: I don't think that is a good idea. It would be like making a copy of a copy. It loses its' quality each time.

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roos/URL said...

Teaching your children to drive is nerve racking. Vinn took all the kids out practice driving except Nat. Nat was the only one who did not get her driver license at 16 because I probably scared her too much. I couldn't handle driving practice. GrammaR