Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aren't Grandparents Great?!

HeRoos' dad, grandpa and grandma stopped by to meet ZoZo Thursday on their way back to Idaho. We love them and are so glad they could see us (too bad HeRoos had to work today).

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Sharon Roos

Vinn (Dad) & ZoZo

Grandma Sharon & ZoZo


Grandma Beaner said...

Love makes the world go round; so do caring families. Aren't we lucky? Such tender photos.

The Leo said...

I cannot believe how big she's gotten! Of course I saw her when she was just a week old. Have you put her in "the dress"?

Anonymous said...

You posted on mine about the babysitting, so I'll post on yours. I can babysit any night but Monday and Sunday, as long as I'm home by nine. As for friday and Saturday, I can be out as late as you need. Call me anytime. I get home at 5:30.