Sunday, September 6, 2009

CLick Click

It's so easy to take a million pictures with a digital camera.

ZoZo and MB

MB and Daddy walking home from church.

I love that little clump of hair that sticks up in the middle of her head.

A picture of HeRoos..just because he's hot.

ZoZo and her mama (a.k.a. Milk Supply)

MB and his playing pal, Granny GoGo.

ZoZo getting loved on by her Pops

And ZoZo demonstrating how we all feel around here. It sure will be nice when she starts sleeping through the night.


The Leo said...

Love the pics, keep 'em coming (and tell Rick to get that leash off a kid!)

Jamie said...

What an adorable family you have!

Kristanne said...

Cute, cute pics, good luck on the last one! Mine didn't start sleeping through the night till about 9 months.

nymanzanita said...

Such great pictures! You look soooo great with your little girly and I loved the pic of M walking home with Daddy. Very cute....leash and all.

porterpies said...

Amen on the milk supply. I think that's the only reason my Cora likes me. I think your kids totally look like siblings. So cute!

Jenny said...

I agree I think your two little ones look like each other! Mine look so different I get funny stares from people, then I have to tell them that yes they are all mine, then they ask where does your youngest get her red hair from? I hate that because then I have to say well my brother-in-law has red hair, I swear that just dosen't sound very good!

Kristanne said...

Besides having such cute kids, you are such a sweet person!!! Makae loves her hat. She took it with her today to show everyone. She really is looking forward to babysitting, and is a really good babysitter. So whenever you feel like getting away.... call. Thank you for making her feel so welcome and included.