Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Gift Giver

MB had just finished making a complete mess of his spaghetti lunch so I stripped him down to his diaper to head upstairs for a bath. I had Baby Z in my arms and the doorbell rang. An adorable girl from Estonia was selling children books door to door.

As I listened patiently to her sales pitch, MB decided to share a gift with her. He tore off his wet diaper and threw it at her feet (Maybe, he thought she would take the diaper in exchange for some books). Both of us looked down at my naked boy and started laughing hysterically. MB had no shame. She finished her sales pitch and I finally got the streaker inside... without any books.


Kristanne said...

That is too funny. The same girl came to my house - I don't think she had much success. We didn't get anything either. Thanks for the personal call to Makae about YW! She enjoyed it.

Melissa said...

Hilarious!! Those tricky tricky boys.