Sunday, August 23, 2009

Davis County Fair

By HeRoos,

Last weekend at the last minute we decided to get out of the house and go to the Davis County Fair. Actually, there was a sign calling it the “Famous” Davis County Fair and unfortunately I’m not quite sure it lived up to the hype. We were supposed to meet some friends there, but we missed them just as they left. We are finding out that it takes proportionally longer to get ready to go out with two kids than just one.

ZoZo pretty much just chilled the whole time in her new double stroller that she shares with MB.

Here is MB with his monkey-on-the-back leash. To say the least he is not a fan of someone holding on to him like a dog. If SheRoos would let me, I would tie the other end to a stake in the ground so I don’t have to hold the leash. Maybe I can get him to roll over and beg for doggy biscuits too.

MB was very gentle while petting the bunnies. Too bad he isn’t that soft "petting" his sister, which usually ends up with him in timeout for trying to rip her face off.

This is MB's first pony ride. I don’t think I’ve every seen his face so excited. ;) I swear he does smile and one day we might get it on camera.

They also had a Guitar Hero video game setup for people to entertain the crowd with their instrument and singing abilities.

MB sums it up well how we felt about their talent.

The fair did have the BEST shaved ice I’ve ever tasted.

However, I like mine a little more tart than MB would prefer.


porterpies said...

That shaved ice looked so good. I want that! Glad you are getting out of the house already. I'm always itching to get out after having my babies. We tried the monkey backpack for Easton. It didn't go over so well. Story for another time...

Melissa said...

I know, I can't catch Mark smiling on camera either. he likes to stare at it too much