Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day in the Life of MB

This little guy keeps us laughing. Yesterday I had the camera out and happened to capture some it.

I don't know how much longer he'll keep up with it but I am very grateful that he still takes TWO naps a day. This is what he did during his morning nap. Play ghost?

Our cousins from Idaho came to visit us. MB had fun with "Spitfire."

His favorite place to play is in our bedroom. He likes to take all the toiletries out of the bottom two drawers and hide them. He also jumps in the pillows on our bed and hides. Then he takes everything off the nightstands.

Yes, he is licking the very dirty floor. He loves ice but I don't like him to have it because he bites it with his front teeth. When I fill up my glass with crushed ice it often falls on the floor. He couldn't get it with his fingers so he used his mouth. What a resourceful little guy.

He is Daddy's little shadow and likes to "help" him fix the sprinklers. I'm glad they're not showing crack. ;)

He has been working on his scowl (as if his serious face wasn't enough) and he is getting quite good at it. He also tries to headbutt his baby sister. He doesn't do it to be mean, it's almost as if he is trying to show affection. Weird, I know. He and his little friend do this to each other and they act as if it is a completely normal and acceptable thing to do. I don't get it.

What I didn't get pictures of is all the times he eats during the day and makes a complete mess, the tantrums he throws when getting his diaper changed, watching Sesame Street & Baby Einstein (over & over), playing with his toys, attempting to play outside until the wasps scare us away, and getting kissed on by his mommy.

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Anonymous said...

I Love MB. So handsome and funny I love it when he gives me a surprise kiss and I don't have to beg. So cute he and his Dad doing "men" things together.(MB crack would be cute showing) but Dads should only be showing in the shower or at a plumbers convention. Ha!Ha!
xxoo G.R