Monday, December 15, 2008

Too Hot? Too Cold?

BM causes his mom serious stress. This picture shows his preferred way of sleeping. Why does he have to cover his entire head with a blanket?! Every time I try to move it, he wakes up and throws a fit until he can bury his face in his blanket again.

I constantly worry that he is too cold or too hot. His room gets really cold because of the large window so we bought a space heater that has a timer on it. When we got our electric bill last month, guess how much it had increased? $28.00 just from a little space heater. We adjusted the settings and hopefully, BM will stay warm, but not too warm and not too cold.

I think I'll have a full head of gray hair by the time he starts kindergarten just worrying about his body temperature and his obsession with blankets.


Jenny said...

You crack me up! Don't stress just be glad he's sleeping. And by the way Kendall asked for a baby doll no not a real baby! I'll have to clarify that on my blog! Love ya

Melanie said...

I can tell you from experience KIDS DON'T GET COLD! Seriously, if they're sleeping, they're fine. I remembering worring about Jack, I'd put little socks on his hands and wrap him all up...of course within hours everything was all kicked off....and just look at him now, he grew up just fine....well sort of.

The Idahoans said...

I know what you mean about the gray hair by the time he is in kindergarten I think I may have gray hair by the time Adilyn gets to kindergarten:) I worry about her getting to cold too, but she won't keep her hand in the covers so what do you do? Take care!