Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Newsletter

Dear Friends & Family,

This has been a great year. We feel truly grateful to our Heavenly Father for all of our many blessings. There have been two major changes: a baby and moving to a new home.

BM joined our family in March and turned our lives upside down (in a good way of course). He is our serious Mr. Boy. He rarely smiles at strangers and stares so intently that sometimes they squirm. He feels no need to give a courtesy laugh when his mom sings and dances for him. BM does giggle uncontrollably when his dad tickles his ribs. We love this little guy more than we ever thought was possible.

HeRoos continues to enjoy his job as a software engineer. We feel grateful that he has a steady income and enjoys what he does. Being a father and husband seem to come naturally to him. He spoils us with his love and attention. He's hoping to spend time improving his golf swing as soon as the weather warms up.

SheRoos is learning that being a mom is HARD work but the best thing ever. She has made friends in her new neighborhood who she enjoys walking with and having play dates with. Her inner homemaking skills are finally emerging-on most days she enjoys cooking and keeping the home comfortable.

We feel very blessed to have sold our home so quickly and moved into a new one. It worked out so well that it feels like it was meant to be. We love living closer to the mountains and are happy with the change. SheRoos also likes being able to meet her mom for lunch.

We decided to take advantage of the free flying rules for babies under two. We flew to San Diego in August and had a great time at the zoo and visiting friends. We rented a car. Not just any car...but a convertible. It was quite the adventure. Nothing fit in the trunk. We had to put the suitcases and stroller in the backseat with BM. On our way to Moorpark the car had problems and we had to trade it in for van! That is such our life - from convertible to mini van in less than five minutes. To make this story even longer, somehow we got a dent in the van bumper and had to pay for the $650 repair (we didn't choose to get the rental insurance). Regardless, we had a great time and BM enjoyed his first time on an airplane, at the beach, at the zoo, and at Magic Mountain.

BM proved he could be a good travel companion so we took him to the East Coast. We covered many miles and made some great memories. We flew into Boston, MA, drove with friends to Hartford,Connecticut, took a train to New York City, stayed in New Jersey, took a train back to Connecticut and then rented a car and drove to Palmyra, New York and Niagara Falls.

It sounds crazy but it was awesome! We were able to spend time with dear friends and visit unfamiliar places. We were pleasantly surprised that the stereotypes of New Yorkers was not true. Maybe BM softened their hearts with his serious stare-they gave up their seats on the subway, graciously offered directions, and were very kind to us. SheRoos finally got to see Wicked (which HeRoos even enjoyed) while BM took in the NY sites with a good friend.

While on vacation, we sold our home and closed on a new house. We flew back to Utah on Sunday night and moved to our new house the very next morning. Talk about a wild month!

Our greatest joy comes from those things that money cannot buy, love and friendship. We have been blessed with fabulous friends and loving family members. This time of year is great to remind us of CHRIST and all that He has blessed us with. May each of you have joy in your hearts and feel the positive vibes we're sending your way. :)

The UnderRoos'
HeRoos, SheRoos, & BM


Alicia said...

About the dent in your rental car--did you check to see if your credit card offers rental insurance when you rent the car on that card? We had that happen once, and the credit card company reimbursed us for the cost of the damages. Also, happy holidays! I'm glad you had a great year.

nymanzanita said...

What a nice really are a great writer! I loved reading about your exciting year. I had to laugh when I read about you going to see Wicked and BM seeing the sights in NYC. He was such a fun date for me. Someday I'll tell him all about our adventure out together....ha! Merry you all tons.

Melanie said...

OK, this is much easier than the hundred or so Christmas cards I sent year I'm just gonna blog it!

Tristie hearts Dax said...

THANKS SO MUCH for blogging your Christmas letter! I am all about simplifying this year and didn't send out cards but still like to read about my favorite family and friends. I still need to type our letter and post it, as well. Fun year!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the push backing into blogging land - I needed it!

The Andersen Family said...

Merry Christmas to your cute little family!