Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

When we were at the mall Saturday, we couldn't say no to BM. He really wanted to talk to Santa. :) I don't think this Santa was much into talking. Who looks less happy to be there- baby or Saint Nick? BM was quite impressed with his shiny belt and long beard.

Next year, I think we should talk Grandpa into renting a Santa outfit and we can take all the pictures we want. Maybe it's inflation or maybe I just haven't paid for pictures with Santa. Regardless, they (whoever they are) sure know how to play parent's heartstrings while emptying their wallets.

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Anonymous said...

That picure is so precious. You can tell by the smile On BM's face that he is totally confident that he has convinced Santa he been a very good boy !!! (And Santa looks like he's one "tough guy" to convince.) xxoo to BM Love, G.R.