Monday, February 11, 2008


How does one person produce so much of it? It feels like it is overtaking my entire head. Occasionally it will find its' way out my nose or throat. Disgusting, I know. HeRoos (who is super sick too) is sleeping away so I get to complain to you, my innocent blogging friends.

One of the many discomforts of pregnancy happens to be extra embarrassing during cold season-bladder control. I woke up over an hour ago coughing uncontrollably. Well, I wasn't conscious enough to tell my body what it should and shouldn't do so as I was coughing and pressure was put on my bladder from the baby... I had to rush to the bathroom. Don't worry, I don't have to change the sheets or borrow a diaper from BabyRoos but I will say that sneezing and coughing turn on a leaky faucet. TMI (too much information)? Probably so, but those of you out there know that I often overshare.

We do have good news. When I went to my OBGYN on Friday, she said that I could be induced on March 11th. That's in a little over FOUR weeks! The baby will be full term by then. The doctor said that the last couple weeks of pregnancy will put even more strain on my back (thanks to the horse, my back isn't the strongest) and she will be out of town for the following two weeks.

At first it felt a little strange to know exactly when the baby will arrive but after talking to women who have been induced, they say it's great. This way we'll be more prepared. Also by having BabyRoos a week early, I will have more time with him before returning to work. I'm off track in March and didn't qualify for FMLA so I can only take off so much time of unpaid leave. I love the small miracles that seem to be making the arrival of this baby more and more meant to be every day. That's a blog all of it's own that I'll have to share some day.

I hope cold & flu season passes quickly and skips over you!



The one in charge said...

eeewwww!! I am so off the hook for my overshare. TMI! Oh, the life of a pregnant woman, nothing is sacred...or private anymore! I so know how you feel.

Spackmans said...

I loved the picture of the kid with the snot, it reminded me of a kid from my first grade class. We were having our weekly class walk around the school and I looked behind at the little boy- to see long snot strings running down his face. Nasty!!

Holladay Family said...

Hey J,
Why doest thou not qualify for FMLA? "The one in charge" sure hasn't changed has he? He still cracks me up. At SWA he was ALWAYS the life of the party! I remember many a dress-up contest that he participated in. Good times. So, back to baby roos. Are you ready to go? I honestly don't really get that I will have a new baby to hold in less than two months. I am barely making it with the three I have already been blessed with! Well, J. we are officially old. We are officially grown-ups. We are officially thirty-something. What happened? Call me when you know k. P.S. Don't let the teacher find this note. It might be embarrassing to have anyone else read it. :)

nymanzanita said...

I hope that you feel better SOON! Thanks for hoping that none of us get it...I am keeping my fingers crossed. Being sick is the worst. I am so excited to meet babyRoos soon...yay