Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Advantage of Being Prego

With all the discomforts of pregnancy- severe heart burn, backaches, constant trips to the bathroom, fatigue, restless nights, inability to bend over and pick something up from the floor (just to name a few), there are some advantages.

Even though I am very capable of parking and walking through a parking lot into a store, I was thrilled to take advantage of "The Expectant Mother Parking" at Babies R Us.

Within the next two weeks, I want to find all the stores around who have this parking option and give them a little business just to say 'Thanks for thinking of us pregnant women.'


Anonymous said...

You go girl. You look adorable in your picture. VERY PREGO!!! I know pregnancy can make you feel like you're handicapped when you have to walk very far. I appreciate that they have that for expectant Mothers. They know you will be back and give them business in the diapers and formula items . So when are they going to create the handicapped unloading zone for the harried Mothers and their kids??? for the Love G.R.

Denise Pettley said...

Hi Jen!
I love catching up with you on your blog! I recently joined the blog craze - it's fun. Guess what...I am due March 26 with #3 - isn't that funny! It looks like things are going well for you both. Good luck with Motherhood, I am excited for you! Check out our blog too! I can't wait to hear how it all goes!
Love ya.