Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ritter Sports Pigs

What do these two images have in common?

HeRoos and I turn into Oink Oinks when the Ritter Sport chocolate almond bar is around. We discovered these delicious candy bars at Target and Harmons. Yesterday, we stopped at Target and decided to buy a couple. Guess what's left of them today... nothing! HeRoos came up stairs a few minutes ago and said, "I love you." I replied it back and then I saw the look on his face as he handed me the remains of 4 tiny chocolate squares. He dove into my bar (to his credit I had four of his squares last night but ONLY four). It's a good thing that Ritter Chocolate Almond Bars are not sold at the grocery store we frequent or we would need to widen our door frames.


monica said...

I love it. Haha! On my quest for a thinner body, I had to give up thinking/dreaming/pigging out on all the yummy treats. But when I was pregnant, free reign baby! Since I'm on a diet, I'll just have to take your word that they are delicious....or will I? Oh, the temptations! Just eat one for me.

The Funderburks said...

I happened to be in Target today and noticed the ritter sport - BECAUSE OF YOUR BLOG. I bought one. Evil blog.

Treion Muller said...

I must give it a try-I cannot stand the chocolate in the US--maybe this import will satisfy the chocolate monster inside me.