Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cedes Has a Home Again

I am one happy person right now! HeRoos and I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning out the garage. My car, Cedes (named after the next car I want..MerCedes), is parked in the garage right now and I won't have to wake up early to scrape snow off her windows.

Before we got married, only HeRoos' car would fit in the garage. He agreed to let me have his place if he didn't get the other side of the garage cleaned out before our big day. Well, the garage got worse. We bought all the supplies (dry wall, toilet, sink) to finish the down stairs bathroom and they overcrowded the other side of the garage. Neither of us had garage parking until now!

I know, I should probably feel a little guilty about taking the only spot in the garage BUT I don't. I, however, am very grateful to my kind husband who has still honored his agreement to let me have first priority in the garage. I feel like a real adult when I pull up to the house, push the garage door remote and enter. As soon as our bathroom is done, HeRoos' car (who doesn't have a name but would last longer & run better if it did) will also have a home.

Cedes in her new home with a message from HeRoos


Tristie said...

great story and darling pic. so glad you posted again!

nymanzanita said...

Love it! Dont feel bad about taking the only spot in the garage...Cedes deserves it. She is a trooper and should be pampered..dont you agree? She was my best friend when you let me have her for the weekend when you got married... she got me all of SLC in not time. Go Cedes!

Mary said...

It is so hard keeping room in our garage for the cars. When we first moved it was fine, but has we get more and more stuff it has started creeping closer and closer to the cars.

You have been a posting machine lately. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love men that honor and keep their word.