Friday, January 11, 2008

Fender Bender

GOOD: I babysat my niece for a couple hours and we had a nice time making projects.

GOOD: Later, as I was leaving the house, my brother-in-law (father of the niece) was out snow blowing our icy walks. How nice! (Rick has already requested a snow blower of his own for next year and in the meantime doesn't seem to enjoy using his cheap plastic shovel so the walks have been a mess).

BAD: I was on my way to Sandy as the snow was falling down and my mind got distracted by the license plate cover in front of me. It read, 'Peace out B*$#!*.' We were stopped at a red light and I wondered if the saying was intended to be crude, funny, mean, etc. Whatever the meaning behind the plate, I met the owner of the car and she was quite pleasant considering the circumstances...

VERY BAD: As the light turned green, I pushed in my clutch and the gas...before I knew what happened, my car bumped into the car in front of me and that car bumped into the car in front of her. Somehow, I caused a fender bender and I'm still baffled at how it happened.

GOOD: Everyone was safe. My car, Cedes, doesn't even have a scratch. The first car in line didn't appear to have any damage...

BAD: The car in the middle (the one I ran into) has severe damage on the front hood. I still can't figure out how my car ran into her that hard and she ran into the car in front of her with that much force.

GOOD: Everyone was very pleasant. No bad words were exchanged, not even dirty looks. The police officer arrived quickly and took care of the situation.

BAD: I got a traffic ticket for "Improper Lookout"

BAD: The car in the middle had to be towed away.

GOOD: Once again, everyone was okay.

GOOD: I arrived at my friend's house who just retired after thirty years of teaching. She had homemade chicken noodle soup and canned peaches waiting. We had a great time catching up.

BAD: Now I'm home talking to HeRoos and after analyzing the information, he thinks the car in the middle hit the front car first and I bumped the car in the middle. It all happened so fast and I still can't sort out the details.

GOOD: The collision didn't cause the airbag to inflate or the seatbelt to tighten so BabyRoos seems to be A-ok. He is still squirming around inside and seems to be oblivious to any fender bender.

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Mickael said...

I agree with Rick. The laws of physics say that the car in front of you can't hit the car in front of them with more force than you hit the car in front of you.