Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Welcome Change

Parenthood has been interesting lately (and by interesting I really mean TOUGH). Very difficult. Pull my hair out and scream kind of challenging. We're not exactly sure what the deal is but it seems our children have decided it is time to test our parenting skills and I'm sad to report that we just might have room for major improvement. For the past few weeks there have been numerous meltdowns, back- talking, hitting, biting, fighting, screaming, and even eye rolling. We've implemented a "Nice Chart" and when they do something nice, they get a sticker. We've been using time-out. We try to make a big deal when they are making good choices. Blah Blah blah Long story short: we are tired. Very, very tired.

BUT there is hope...

Mr. Boy starts preschool next week!

MB at his Preschool Open House

Some Mothers cry when their kids go to school. Not me. You might find me celebrating by doing back flips. It's not that I don't absolutely love my kids (even when they're being rotten). I just think there comes times in our lives when change is good. I really hope that this change will be an answer to a desperate mother & father's prayer for help.

Look at these two angels. How can they be any trouble at all? All they wanted was a snack before bed time. And their request? Cucumbers, mushrooms, corn, tomatoes, peppers and bananas. If the old saying is true, "You are what you eat," then I think we should be eating more sweets instead. ;)

Sighhhh. Oh joy to the ups, downs, and all-arounds of parenting. Good night.


Jamie said...

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, he just gets more and more adorable

Vicki said...

Pre-school! My how time flies. The truth is that time is running away from us even when we feel that nothing changes. I can't believe my own children are now 26 and 29 years old. When they were little I loved being with them and I loved my precious time away from them. And I was shocked when I found out my own mother changed my birth certificate to reflect an earlier birthday so I could get in scholl a year earlier!

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